Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 14: Hong Kong > Singapore (Home!)

*MIA for long time. Finally publish the last post of previous trip on May Day 2009 *

Last day of the trip and going home finally.
Went for dim sum breakfast (finally).
At some random Chinese Restaurant near our Largos.

Fried carrot cake

Shrimp rice flour rolls

叉烧包. See how piping hot it is!
That's the best I could have it captured.

Best of the best - 流沙包

Bunful of filling

Simply the best. This is the only thing we went for seconds.

Some of the rest

A cool way to get to the airport -

They are so advanced we could check in our luggage first then take the train to airport.

Empty handed us!

This is seriously more comfy than the economy cabin seats.

Ran out of HKD (thanks to Uncle Keith hor) and we had to share this for lunch.

Finally Home Sweet Home.

The rest of the random stuff unpacked:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 13: Macau > Hong Kong

Pic taken at hotel lobby while waiting for the shuttle service to bring us to town area.
Smile till a bit 勉强hor.

So many days already I still 不舍得finish this chewing bought in Tokyo.
Really yummy even Hubs who is not into gum likes it.

Our brunch.
Wanton noodles for him. So normal right?

Me more high-class.
I eat crab noodles.
The crab flesh is quite pathetic and even more pathetic to get the flesh from the shell.
The noodles was great stuff. Totally absorbed the flavour of the gravy.
Just typing away makes me wanna eat it now!

One of the prettiest building in the town area.
We went in to the casino for a short while but it was really paled compared to The Venetian.
But then again The Venetian is the biggest and most luxurious casino.
Oh and we even had to deposit our bags at the counter.
Didn't know there was such a practice in casinos.

Pic is badly taken but I wanna show Ah Lim I got passby the hotel she stayed.
We sat in the lobby couch to wait for the shuttle bus to ferry terminal.

Oh this taken in the hotel washroom.
Love the socks and shoes combi too much. *LOL*

Back to HK.
Got a full sized sample of raspberry freeze drink from the Starbucks crew in TST.
They are so generous! Giving a full size for sample.

Dinner was at a chain eatery 大家乐- Cafe de Coral.

My set meal.

His. Both are very good.
We were very satisfied after the meal.

Back to Largos hotel = Jordan MTR.

Haul of the day: Sheet mask from Watsons.
HKD9.90 per pce @ Buy 1 get 1 free = about SGD1 each!!!
I spotted this promotion 1 day before but decided to buy only after back to HK.
Hubs super nice. He found the counter before I could and kept urging me to buy more.
I took 30pcs yet he kept asking me am I sure it's enough. *LOL*

So proud of myself. *beams*

The longest receipt I ever gotten at Watsons.

Much longer than a plastic bag!

Oh we've gotten a super lousy room back in Largos. Super suay.
Super bad till I don't wanna snap pics of it.
Eventhough no upgrade also don't give us such lousy room right?
Don't think I've stayed in such lousy room before.
Sorry can't think of any comparison.
Luckily I had the masks to make me happy.