Friday, October 14, 2011

Not-so-recent cooks - A pictorial

To show my readers I haven't been slacking that much these few months...

Steamed cod fish with fried garlic. Recipe courtesy of Wokking Mum.

Steamed herbal chicken

Baked rice

Pasta with salad

Teriyaki cod fish with corn soup

Simple one-dish meal - chicken stew

Baked mini portobello with cheese and ham

Instant Jap corn cream stew

Marmite macaroni

Celery with chicken cubes

Child-proof dish - egg tofu omelette

Corn cream stew macaroni

Simple comfort food - long bean omelette and baked chicken

Old cucumber soup

New creation - tofu & corn soup

Clearing the fridge - long bean with hei bi hiam

Fried rice special - XY refused to eat

After work - steamed herbal chicken

With udon. XY simply refused to eat.

Korean seafood pancake. One of K's favourite dish but this brand of pancake mix not so nice. We still prefer the brand we usually eat. Ok XY also loves it.

After work - fried bee hoon

My signature dish - Mee soto. It may look ordinary but it's quite a killer actually. Both the Hiaps LOVE it much!!!

Japanese Oden from Meidi-Ya supermarket. First time trying it. Too much and the taste is too 腻. Waste my $20++. No one in the family likes it.

Potent mashed potato - fattening and creamy. Both Hiaps turned up their nose. Only difference is... old Hiap had to finish whatever was served to him. Tiny Hiap just spit it out whenever I fed it to her.

Dinner in this format. XY would rather spit out the creamy delicious mashed potato and eat the boiled plain broccoli. Pls tell me what is wrong with her!


I was reminded by a dear friend to be fair to little one (who is already kicking) in my tummy. Well he/she really got the privilege ok. Mummy actually took a pic of the stick wheras during XY time I was so freaked out, we just threw it far far away lol.

So here is the stick that I dipped into my pee when 小小豆 was merely 6 weeks old. 14 weeks have passed and she's 20 now. I have a round belly to show. Though commuters on the MRT still couldn't see it but yet everywhere else I go ppl are asking me boy or girl.

*Cleearblue, you are good! Only takes 1 sec to show the results.*

Monday, October 10, 2011

My growing bean - A pictorial

Sleeping bean -
We love snapping pics of her when she is in deep sleep. She never fails to entertain us with her multiple styles... or stunts....

To Xiuqi's 1st birthday party

Wrapping herself up with huge leaflet

In her new Hello Kitty dress - Yvonne Lim Ah Yi sure love it :)

Look how she has grown!!! No longer my little baby. She looks like a little school girl now!

And she prob got my genes big time - this Hello Kitty bagpack costs $80+!! Nah mama's not going to buy it.