Sunday, November 30, 2008

AJ introduces new dishes

Grilled honey glazed wings for that Ah Teo.
Marinated with oyster sauce.
Tasted quite good but created some jokes at Canele.
Want to know, pls ask Ah Teo yourself.

Aglio Olio with cod in cream sauce.
I think the pasta is passable but I overcooked the fish.
A bit wasted.

Chicken curry served with rice.
I actually used the Woh Hup premixed sauce.
Very easy to cook this. Just add meat, potato, tomato and coconut milk.
I reduced the recommended coconut milk amount by 30%.

Above are some of the dishes I did this week.
Oh and I hate those ppl who keeps emphasising to me they like to use FRESH ingredients blah blah.
If you are so good, no need to emphasis every time right?
Scared ppl dunno?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 8: Tokyo > Palette Town & Shinjuku

The place where we usually start our day.
Sometimes also end our night here to MSN or check email.
2 persons depending on that little screen. Quite pathetic one.
Left hand side is smoking area, right hand side is non-smoking.
RHS always empty one so we like kana isolated like that.
This is the place we tap wi-fi.
Wi-fi too far to tap from room.

Found a small shop selling Japanese-style Chinese food.
Decided to have lunch there.
I realised why we covered so little of Tokyo - we woke up too late and I spent too much time to get ready.
By the time we went out of hotel, it's always around 11am already.

Interior of the shop.

Hubs ordered the set.
Soup noodles with small serving of fried rice and gyoza.
The waiter was Chinese, which made ordering a lot easier.

Our lunch. Mine is rice with minced meat sauce.
Not very fulfilling. I could only finish half of it.

Me acting hiao with my new hankie.
Yes! I've sweared off paper napkins.

Waiting for train towards Odaiba.

Oh Takuya Kimura is so popular in Japan.
We see TV advert with him every channel and even on the train.
Actually I didn't know his full name. Had to Wiki to get his first name.

We reached Tokyo Teleport station.

One of the first things that caught my eyes was the huge Ferris Wheel.
I'm usually not so crazy about them (not even been on Singapore Flyer) but quite excited to see the colourful wheel.

Oh one of the places that interests Hubs.
I thought it was quite a waste of time to come here actually.
Not very meaningful for me.

Boring pose with some display car. Not available in sg I think.
There was also Lexus showroom but looked a bit too high-class so we didn't go to that section.

Me pretending to know how to drive here.

Bought tickets to go on ferris wheel ride.
900yen per pax. Much cheaper than our Flyer.

Up we go. Another lip biting one.
What's with me?

Our tickets. I decided to retain them as keepsake.

Quite sunny up there.

View from the top:
(Not very interesting. Can skip if you are bored)

How the carriage looks like.
I thought we would have gotten the pink one but they skipped one carriage and we got another colour.
They also have a full clear glass carriage. Would have been nicer if we took that one.

Another crepe shop.
That was the day I had my fix.
I had strawberry ice cream with banana.
Very nice and fattening at the same time.
I felt like a little girl asking Daddy for $ to buy crepe. Haha...
Think it was about 400yen for that.

Another view of the ferris wheel.

There were some simulation games on the first level.
Hubs got to try. It's FOC.

Trying to figure out the controls.

Isn't he enjoying himself?

While walking towards the indoor shopping centre (I think is Venus Fort. Not too sure), I saw another view of the ferris wheel.
Perfect match with the nice blue skies.

The interior was like the Venetian.
Is this the same backdrop I saw in Jeanne's previous trip's pics?

Mini casino on the groundfloor.

Me imitating some Japanese girls posing outside the Toyota showroom.
* Dunno they saw me doing that or not *

Girl's Power!

Sorry, this may be getting too much but I just couldn't help it.
More views of the ferris wheel.

We decided to take a scroll to the beach opposite.
Forgot what it's called.
A beautiful mirror signboard we saw on the way.

A glimpse of the infamous Rainbow Bridge.

Landscape view

A nice park with manmade beach.
I saw some student couples having their bento on the wooden benches.
How sweet!

Some kids playing by the seaside.
Think I read somewhere it's not advisable to go near the seawater since the water is from some treatment plant.
Can someone verify if I got the information wrongly?

Rainbow bridge behind us.

Cute tree which resembles Christmas tree.
Couldn't get the full view of the tree.

Walking back to train station, saw some pre-schooler children playing games.
I love shooting playing children when they are not looking.

That was all we explored.
Did not walk the Rainbow Bridge, see the mini Statue of Liberty, Decks shopping mall nor Fuji TV station.
Those who have been there pls don't whack us :P

We decided to proceed on to Shinjuku instead.
Can you believe it?
Ice cream vending machine inside the train station.
You could have an ice cream while waiting for the train.
I already had ice cream crepe so no more ice cream for me.

Shinjuku's Takashimaya was HUGE!!! But we didn't explore much of it.
I don't like big departmental stores. Small independent shops appeal to me more.
The level worth exploring was the basement.
The food section was huge and everything presented so beautifully.
One section was the typical packed Japanese goodies and one section finger food and bentos.
Even the supermarket also very nice.
There were lots of ppl shouting to promote their food.
I had a free tasting cherry tomato. Gosh it was SWEET!!!
Nearly gone for a second.
Dinner was bento from Takashimaya basement.
See, even packing for bento is so nice. I actually brought the paper back to sg.

My bento. 1050yen.
A bit heartpain. More expensive than the hot meals we usually had at the small shops.

What it contains.

Hub's bento. His is cheaper but not as good as mine.
We also bought some finger food but too busy eating to shoot.
Guess where we had our bento?
On the 9th floor sofa of Takashimaya facing the passenger lifts.
I could not be bothered if anyone walked by but Hubs so apprehensive about eating there.

Christmas decor outside Takashimaya.
Saw a Krispy Kreme store on the other side but did not walk over to buy.

Me again.

Buildings in Shinjuku.
My poor camera can't take night shots well.

Um... a customary pic at showing the JR station.

A cute pinky bin I couldn't resist.
Forced Hubs to pose like he was throwing something in the bin.

The shop selling lots of knick knacks.
From face slimming roller to cellulite buster to the conventional eyelash curler.
I love this shop but I hate Hubs keep following me around.
Made me feel so uneasy so I bought so few things.

Christmas display just next to ranKing ranQueen.

I spot a Samantha Vega shop opp ranKing ranQueen.
IMO, not as nice as ST collection or am I biased?

A Pachinko parlour.
Looked so glamour from the outside we thought it's a casino.

Walking back towards Shinjuku JR.
The same shops again but different angle.
Can you tell?

Supper from Taka basement.
Last night in Tokyo already I deserved some supper right?

Mochi with sesame sauce from Taka basement
300+ yen if I remembered correctly.
Love the cute wooden picks.

Very Q but Hubs don't like it.
I polished it off within minutes.. hehe