Monday, October 29, 2012

Initial semi solid trial

Started him when he was about 5.5months old. He was fine with pumpkin, pear and peach puree. Then all of a sudden, he rejects all kinds. Very frustrated so I decided to stop him for a while. And this "while" has been ongoing for a long time. at 8.5months he's still a 100% milk baby!

Pumpkin puree was yummy...

Precious moments

Firstly, very sorry that my pics are jumbled up and not according to sequence. Somehow I forgotten which should come first.

These are the scenes of how my elder is accepting her younger sibling. I cannot help but to tear a little. It is very amazing when it happened right before my eyes. No sense of jealousy, no throwing of tantrums, no badmouthing of her younger brother. Well done my little girl. No one can ever replace the place of her in my heart. With the addition of the little one, it just makes my heart grow bigger to accomodate another lovely child.

The first few days. She let didi use her toddler bed and revert back to her cot. How sweet is that!


She learns to show affection for her younger brother.
One of those days she stayed at home with us. Quite chaotic but nothing I can't handle.

1st shopping trip with 宇轩 at 2months+

It's hard. It's tiring. But I finally plucked up enough courage to leave the house. Went to Plaza Singapura for lunch and some shopping. That was the day I realised the nursing facilities in that mall sucks big time. Perhaps I am too used to Orchard Road mall style. Private, clean, well-maintained, stylish nursing rooms with comfortable seats, hot water dispenser, ergonomic diaper changing area. The best ones (in my humble opinion) are at Taka, Paragon and Isetan. Hands down hands down. It's a stretch to call that 1 and only miserable small room in the whole of the mall a "nursing room". Needless to say eversince the last visit in May, I haven't been back at all. 

Some buys from Mothercare. He still refused the pacifiers.

Pampers on offer 3 for $36 I think

1 of my favourite shops these days: Daiso

He doesn't like to sleep in the cot

Sunday, October 28, 2012

宇轩 at 2 months old

The drama starts. I extend CL for additional 1 week (most worthwhile $$ paid of the year!) cuz I wasn't sure if I was able to handle YX on my own. I wasn't wrong. He's a tough nut to crack!


Yu Xuan at 1 month

Confinement lady was still around so it wasn't that bad. In fact I didn't know it was going to be so bad!

Yu Xuan's full month celebration - A pictorial

* All pictures courtesy of Miss PY the 自拍女王.
Uh I can't find the food pics...

Stay-at-home-mum again...

I've been meaning to update my blog. I mean it. Really. I wanted to do a pictorial on YX's full month celebration before anything else. I like to do things in sequence you see... Like having a girl.... then a boy. To make a “好” 字. hehe I haven't lost my sense of humour afterall. Ok next post will be on that then continue on blogging about our lives. Stay tuned :D