Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Children's Day 2012

Children's Day is on every 1st Fri of October instead of 1st October now. On this day, XY stayed home with didi and me. We had ramen lunch at Ajisen, a Barney kiddy ride afterwards. Right before heading home, she had a slice of cake of her choice to bring home. A simple day but I think she enjoyed staying home with us :)

Her current fav pose



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

宇轩's Firsts

He got his first haircut at the neighbourhood hairdresser and his first 2 lower front teeth :)


To a parent, the happiest that could be is: Your children live is peace and harmony.
Nothing else matters.

The lovers of Sengkang Central

The family went out for mooncake shopping. Very tiring indeed!!
As usual big sis requested to be carried by Daddy cause lil bro was using her pram haha.
So Dad's solution is put big sis in the pram and carry lil bro. Much lighter!


Teething fever

He's so tired he fell asleep while holding on to his "toys".

My kids

It's sheer bliss when they get along together well :D