Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Daddy's little girl definitely needs a hairclip to pull back her fringe now. My dad wants to cut her fringe but I can't bear to touch her hair at all. Also I want to grow XY's fringe long enough to tuck behind her ears instead of giving her bangs.

Happy little girl with her Dad.

A silly way to clip her hair but it is the most foolproof since she's forever moving around and pulling the clip off.

Reminds me of the the Flinestone baby girl. The cutie cutie one.

Oh ya she picked up a new hobby recently: 捡纸皮!
I usually have this habit to collect those recyclable items to dispose them in the recycling bin 2 blocks away from my block. Those items will be stored at the service yard and then disposed whenever the bag gets full enough. This little girl recognise her Baby Bites box and went to service yard and took it while I wasn't paying attention. Refuse to give it back to me!

Cheeky again. See her hair is clipped differently in this pic? Cuz she has this habit to pull the clip off every 10min or so. Funny thing is she no longer pull the clip immediately after I put it on for her like she used to. She will clap happily after I put the clip on (I told K about it. He said she probably thought this means can go gai gai so happy lor). It is after some time then she will "remember" about the clip then pull it off. Strange eh?

Random pics...

Finally she is tall enough to reach the metal bar of the dining table. I don't know what is the term to use so it will be "metal bar". Did I mention she loves to go under the dining table? I found her hiding there several times.

Her new "face". Very ugly hor.


It has been a while already but I have not announced this on my blog yet. Me and my girls are having this bi-weekly badminton session at Anchorvale CC. Happy or not? Finally get to workout leh. Although that pathetic frequency can't help much but I'm so glad for this arrangement that we can all meet up on a regular basis. Ok, so most of us made it most of the sessions except for my newly wedded Mrs Tan. You know la newly wed very busy one. Some more she's the only one not staying in the NE area. Forgive her la. Hahaha...

I usually don't bring my little girl along but last Sunday I had to bring her since her Daddy had to work. I ended up not playing much cuz I was busy bringing her outside of the court. It was too warm and stuffy for her. Didn't want her to catch any virus or get hurt in case of flying "cocks".

This is me. Accidental pic but how nice! Giraffee-y legs. Where else can you get that?

Mama made little XY sit in the corner to munch on her Baby Bites.

The fullest force we ever had. If only Ah Bui and 校队 were here it would have been full attendance.

How many times the girls stopped the game to entertain her, I lost count! See how kaypoh she is? Look at opposite court and the other hand wanna grab the racket.

In awe. Whose hand was that?

Hehe is not Auntie Rine anymore. Now upgraded to "干妈" :D

The curious little girl meddling with the shuttlecock tube.

I have to mention this. Den and I brought her to Mac for a little snack. She had a super bonus treat there. Many counts of crispy unsalted fries. If only she could talk now she would surely beg to go with Mama for future sessions. For the sake of the fries. But sorry girl, Mama won't be bringing you anymore...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recent cooks

I've been such a slacker in the kitchen recent 2 or 3 weeks. It's rather depressing since I still go for my marketing per routine, still buying the same poultry, seafood etc. AND still stay home most days! Only took pics of the more presentable food I managed to dish up.

Discovered this Eu Yan Sang Bak Kut Teh pack last month when they had a fair at Compass Point. I love convenience packs like this :)

Chicken drumstick with udon soup for me...
Very simple to cook. I reduced the water indicated on the box by 1/6 and dumped in few pcs of 当归片and some 枸杞子and boiled slightly longer than the instructions. Added some salt and dark soy sauce when almost done. Simple and nutritious dinner served.

Pork ribs for K. Of course the udon-hater had rice instead. The pork ribs made the soup very oily. Can see the layer of oil there?

An improved version of long bean omelette. I have done this quite many times but recently saw the recipe posted by noobcook and decided to try it. She fried some minced garlic before frying the long beans. I think it made the dish taste better. Chilli padi for photograhpy purpose. I removed them right after photo taking cuz K can't take it. He asked me why the omelette like very hot huh. Haha now after seeing this pic I think he should know.

炒米粉with cabbage. I think my close friends should know that I HATE beansprouts very much so my 炒米粉shall always have cabbage instead of that.

With curry vegetable over it.

Auntie Jo's Deluxe Breakfast Set :P
Happy or not? Oily and unhealthy... Well this wasn't intended. Made this to clear my fridge of those leftover ingredients. No chance to go out for nice brunch so bluff myself with this. By the way K and I shared this plate cuz that's all I have in the fridge.


Still remember the pillow I bought for breastfeeding use? Didn't get to use it much during those days but recently it was put to good use again.

XY loves to climb and sit on our lap whenever we are seated on the floor so we put the pillow on our hips and she will sit on it. She loves it very much.

For a more intense use, she will slide downwards and start practising her shadowless kick.

When she becomes very tired, her Daddy puts her lie on top of it. Must make sure she very "stone" first then can do this if not she will wriggle all over.

Solo time: Yesterday while I was busy in the kitchen preparing her porridge, instead of following me to the kitchen (and lugging along her toys), she self-entertained in the living room. Played her Leapfrog activity table (she loves dancing along with the music) and the shape blocks. Next thing I saw when I checked on her, she was slouching on the pillow, watching TV.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes. 19.09.2010 is our 11th dating anniversary but my husband chose to half can't-be-bothered and half forget. Half can't-be-bothered cuz he will usually let me choose where to go. Half forget means no need to buy present or flowers.

Um.. no need to feel sorry for me. It is already considered good compared to last year where we had dinner at my dad's place and there was no make-up celebration as we were simply too tired to be bothered. Little XY was barely 1.5months old that time. This year *drum roll* she is old enough to celebrate with us!! *maximum happiness*

There we were on the way out. Long time no take 自拍right? See how ladylike my little girl has grown? *like the ballerina on her new dress?*

Us in the backseat while K drives us around. See how much I adore the carseat?

We went for tea at Rose Veranda. Love the service at Shangri-la. From the moment we entered till we walked to RV, we were greeted by don't know how many staff. See the pretty tableware on the table already feel happy :P

The servant seats the Queen on her throne. hehe...

He simply loves her sooo much...

My "Pink Flamingo" tea. They have 128 kinds of tea selection in the menu. I am so impressed with myself. Anyhow choose also can choose such a nice tea. Even K who usually unable to appreciate tea commented the aroma was very nice. Think it was white tea with fruity flavour. Super like it but too bad I can only choose 1 type of tea (refillable). According to the wait staff, they have changed to TWG tea so can only choose 1 type of tea instead of like previously free flow. If you wanted to get free flow then have to top up $10++ per head which sounds ridiculous to me lor. Of course I did not top up for that. You would have thought that K would be clever enough to also order 1 of the nice teas but no, he ordered c-o-f-f-e-e. Anything special? I don't think so... except that the coffeecup was a Wedgewood. Of course the rest of the tableware also atas brand but then too atas for me to recognise la.

Um.. little bean bean has a new pattern these days. She loves to slide down whenever she's seated on ppl's legs or the sofa.

Me with my tea. Um.. I wasn't doing a thumbs-up sign. *Notice a little girl on the left trying to disturb ppl* (Me looking quite stone in the pic. K took super long time to take pics till my smile froze. I don't know why he can't do it properly??)

The little girl spent some time exploring the place. Glass pane was 1 of her favourites.

Ya she stayed there for quite a long time...

Curious little girl.

Happy or not? She was able to remain in the highchair for quite some time. Didn't even attempt to climb out at all. Ok she made quite a lot of noise so we stuffed her with lots of random food.

To be very frank, the food at RV really not worth mentioning. The creme bulee was the nicest thing (Bear in mind I have very little experience with creme bulee. So little that my spelling may be wrong too). These 3 little round things are nice too. Don't know what they are called but it's dark chocolate and green tea inside. Super nice. We had a total of 11 pcs between both of us.

Finally a pic of Mama with her little sweetie pie.

Ha as usual don't want to look at the camera. Playing with biscuit box. Sigh I really look mama-ish in this pic.

P/S: Sorry for the lousy post. Something wrong with blogger and I had to type everything 4 times to get it published.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mama goes back to see Dr Ho

Yes, it's time for my yearly checkup at my gynae's office. An examination that I hate... K applied for half a day leave but as usual he can't leave on time (onsite) so I had to bring XY to the clinic on my own and meet him there.

See how much my little girl has grown? This Poney outfit used to be a dress but she has grown tall enough to make this a long top. Paired with Baby Gap leggings again but I pulled them up to make it like tights.

Before leaving she made some instructions for me as if saying "Mummy, later walk straight, turn left".

Pai kia look.

Outside Dr Ho's clinic where she gives a big yawn when Daddy tried to kiss her

As usual trying to rummage whatever is inside my bag.

Yes, still outside the clinic waiting. Her dad said don't want to let her go inside disturb ppl.

Since such a long wait, might as well play hide-and-seek...
XY: "Daddy no more" (doing her no more hand sign).

Still searching...

Found Daddy and run away from him.

Wa play till very wild here...

More wild...

More more wild...

Cannot find her dad so wander off on her own...

Wander off very very far then come back...

XY got to meet the guy who was the FIRST person to see and touch her when she arrived on earth :) Hehe Dr Ho forever in bow tie.

The exhausted little girl fell asleep on the journey to United Square. Whee... should have gotten the car seat much sooner. Most of the time we place her in there, she falls asleep.