Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A sandy day at ECP - A pictorial

Super super super enjoyable afternoon :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My growing up girl - A pictorial

A miscellaneous collection of shots the past few months and recent :)
My, how she has grown! Can she remain at this age (less the tantrum throwing part)?

My darling at 19months

My darling at 21months

My darling at 22months

My darling at 23months

I'm feeling rather emotional while typing this bit (in fact tearing). Just slightly less than 3 months of returning to work I feel that I've missed out A LOT of her growing up milestone. She learns to self-feed, wear/take off her shoes, say bye bye. All these we discovered by chance. I didn't see those happen with my own eyes. This was not the way we planned... But this is the cruel fact of life. It turns out that my income is indispensable. We need the double income to be able to maintain current expenses. Life is hard! We have to accept it. Unfortunately.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ever wondered how does a Bean sleep?

Upclose snug with her dad...

Sleep till messy hair...

Showing off her long eyelashes...

Still showing off...

Sleep till "kiao kah" (leg lift up) on her dad's pillow... (pic taken in the dark)

Using her mum's bolster as a head rest... (pic taken in the dark)

Yes these days she insists to sleep on our bed. Ask her "Mama put you to your bed ok?", she shakes head. So the routine is: ask that classic question, get the classic response and plonk her in the middle of our bed with our pillows by the side. She'll fall asleep after 10-30min of moving/rolling. No patting required.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Xiang Ying and the memory game

All this while I had no idea what was going on when K played Duplo with XY. Until 1 day... gosh she can memorise the pictures on each pce. This video was taken exactly 2 weeks ago. She can now recognise all 10 pcs much faster but I'm never able to capture it on video. K does it once with her and I take out my camera and ask her do 2nd round but by this time she's restless and bored. I'm so glad we chose this set out of so many different designs. Perhaps the next set we shall get the alphabets one :P

Xiang Ying eats Pocky

Make a quick guess what's going on...

I don't think you got it right. It's not ice cream. She had a few sticks of chocolate Pocky. Scary or not? How can it be more messy than eating ice cream? I cannot understand!! Anyway morale of the story: Always put her in highchair for such dangerous acts.

Ranen's 1st birthday party

Ok so this is a much backdated post...
The party happened 2 days before XY's hospitalisation saga but I want to document it down so that XY knows she's ever been to Ranen's party haha.

Our great GEHC group. When I joined in 2004, most of us were single. Years later most of us has left (in fact only 1 woman still with Healthcare + Ranen's mummy in another GE biz) and we got married and had kids! Amazing isn't it?

*above pic credit of Yvonne*

My poor cam felt very little that night and could only produce lousy quality pics. All of them were using DSLR except me!

This is the only clear pic I found - XY with her dad.