Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 12: Hong Kong > Macau

This was the day to Macau and we had cup noodles in the room before heading out.
Cute Hello Kitty cup noodles from 7-11 bought the previous night.

AJ in sleepwear with the ugly velcro attempting to eat breakfast.

So cute right? Even the fishcake also Hello Kitty face!
Too bad the taste CMI.
Hubs kept saying if it were good, can't imagine how many cups I would lug back to sg.
Hehehe he is sooo right lor. Anyway once is enough la.

Final morning in the nice room. Quickly take in more views!

After an hour's ferry ride, "澳门欢迎我".

Hopped on a bus and saw yet another sign NOT TO TALK TO DRIVER.

While searching for The Ruins of St. Paul's, we had to walk a very long, narrow and packed street selling all kinds of local 土产.

Of course we had to have the famous Portuguese egg tarts.
Miss it so much. Can't find a decent PET in sg eversince Lisboa closed down years ago.

A small 土产shop selling delicious egg rolls and almond cookies.
The auntie very nice run all the way across the road to give us sample so we bought all we need from this shop.

Some random pics taken near St Paul's.
Yes we finally reached.

This is the "Ruins" we had been "looking forward" to.

Disappointed man.
I took all the nice shots for the randoms tourists but all they could take for us is...

Top of the building missing!!

Squat down and shoot from bottom!!!

Take this angle very hard meh?

Yes, we are trying to be funny.
Is clever me thought of it one ok.


Saw another Portuguese egg tart which looks more solid.
Don't care. Full also must eat again.

While finding our way to our hotel, we spotted a damn funny sign.
Not sure how many PRCs actually "响应政府的号召". *LOL*

This 茶餐厅super retro!

Finally, found a bus that goes to our hotel at this bus stop.

Another upgrade! Booked for 1 night also upgrade us leh.
Another honeymooners perk.
Should be the deluxe room I guess.

Nice view of Macau Tower from the balcony.

Vertical view

Us on vertical view.
One Ah Gong and one tired face.

The curved bridge

Some views of the room:

Must have been a good day that day.
There was a traditional wedding dinner held at the Chinese restaurant downstairs.
I peeped in and there were lots of ppl playing MJ!

We got on a cab to get to The Venetian.
Ride was about 20min.

Exterior of The Venetian was super 壮观.
Interior even more...

We head to the malls on level 2 after a short time in the casino.
What an eye-opener! Never seen such a posh and big casino before.

Don't be mistaken this is a European building or what.
It's only The Venetian!

Casino is open concept type so still can see some part of it even from the 2nd floor.

Can even 偷偷snap shoot of the casino which is totally impossible in other places.

Dinner time at the food court.
Fake sky scene. hehe...

There are almost 20 stalls there and quite tough to make a choice what food to order.
Eventually I settled for the porridge and 粉卷set.
The 油条is fantastic. The rest are ok only.
Expensive price to pay for such quality but what can you do since you are at The Venetian? *LOL*

Someone gong gong went to order "carbonara".
Pls I can do a better job anytime and who is the one who approved this kind of veggies to go with Carbonara?
Totally mismatch.
What a joke to serve such medicore food in this place. haha...

Gondola cruising by.
The "rower" sings really well. Like in a musical.

Lots of random pics!! Couldn't stop snapping.

Have you ever seen such a luxurious washroom?
The patrons must be thinking I'm mad to shoot the toilet but I don't care!

On the way back secretly zoomed a close-up view of the casino tables.

At the entrance again.
The ceiling in a different angle.

Don't know what is the part called but is outside the main door yet the ceiling still so nice!

A little early to go back to the hotel so we went for the food fair.

The food fair was huge.
Made up of many sections, many different Asian food.
Had to purchase coupons in order to buy the food.
We tried the Taiwanese noodle with super long Q.
Gosh super small serving and totally not worth it.
The ppl are really willing to splurge on this event man.

Macau Tower just nearby.

Tired or sian?
I can't differentiate leh.