Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 of my closest ppl birthday falls on the same day!

A bit late to post but still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Yvonne and Hubs.
I didn't have a proper pressie for Y.
Only met up for a simple dinner before the actual day.

For Hubs dinner, we also didn't plan anything fancy.
Ordered home delivery to SK.

I da bao-ed a set of chocolate fondue from but it was very ugly so no pics.
Was too much food for the 2 of us.

Present for Hubs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first Sunday @ Atrina

Yeah!!! Super happy I get to stay over on Sat night.
But hubs can't stay. He gotta fulfill his "filial son duty" early every Sunday morning.
Nvm that. D came over so stay with me.
I really enjoyed her company. Girly talk, gossiping.. All in the comfort of my new home.
Much better than hanging out at noisy/crowded clubs (although she did bring her bottles of alcoholic drinks!).

My first attempt at scrambled eggs for breakfast.
I thought it was quite good for a first try.
Pic credit of D. Her best shot so far :)

We had the youngest visitor over the same morning:
Little Kang Yu. Abt 8 months old.

D said his pants looks oversized in the pic.
Well... think auntie mentality: The next time he gets to wear the pants, he probably fits just nice or might even be too small for him.

Us with Mummy Jasmine carrying her darling son.
KY's daddy took the pic for us.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Final piece of furniture delivered!

Hehe flood is over and my coffee table arrived.
Hand-delivered by R himself.
Thanks R :)
By the way R is revamping his showroom at Link Hotel and he's having a clearance sale.
Do pop by to take a look if you need any furniture.
Don't like display sets? Browse through his catalogues (R, got hor?).

Parabel replica

Hub's concept of a "nice" layout.
Use my hand towel (supposedly hang in bathroom) as table cloth.
Fabric tray for keys/lock. And the remote controllers.

One of my proud possession. A Henckels nail clipper.
Redeemed using Tangs points :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Animal-ly weekend

Were at Hub's friend's beautiful home for BBQ on Sat.

Cutie snail by the poolside

Weather was bad and we had to adjourn upstairs for shelter.
The remaining food was baked or steamed.
I had a whole crab to myself.
It's the loveliest and sweetest crab I've ever eaten! Very yummy and fresh.

We also got a chance to play with their 3 friendly Huskies.

That's me and Nana first time meeting but she's so nice to me!

Almost fell asleep beside her

See. Nana doesn't like Hubs.
He tells me everytime he goes over, Nana plays with him but I don't see it leh.

In N & R's room.
I thought Nana came to look for me... but she came for the FAN!!!

Didn't get to know the other two dogs. Hope got chance go over soon.

N's other special pet.
Hehe... don't know the name.

The night didn't end here but I was too sleepy so Hubs sent me home first then went back for MJ session.
Thanks Nigel and Rachel for the food, fun and lovely time at your place :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Second early bd pressie!

Sweet D bought me this.

Haha... very funny. I keep for the anniversary night then ok?

* Seriously hinting the other one born on 30th July NOW! *

Monday, July 14, 2008

New place to swim

Getting fat... flabby... running out of excuses NOT to exercise...
Starting out by some light swimming.

Hope you don't get bored with all these pics :)

The party of swimmers

All got props one

Me and D. We just love each other :D

Me draining the pool of water. Funny facial expression
("Uncle" Alson in the background)

Hubs quite good hor.
He's the only one who managed to capture this action.
Hm... could be also due to my good "plonking" stunt la.

This auntie want to act cute. Play child's toy

D had to leave early. I accompanied her to bath.
Came back... saw a funny sight...

Uncle having fun with 妹子
One 12 year old. One 10 year old.
He tried to bluff them he 16 year old. *roll eyes*

Uncle be the Monkey

No fun to play with him la.
He always get the ball! Me and D fed-up to play with him.

Super hungry after that.
Dinner was at Serangoon Gardens. A super old western place.

My steak. $13.80 set dinner

Hub's "scary" chicken. $16.80 set dinner

* Thanks to Alson for showing us your nice home and bringing us to the nice pool.
How nice. Just 5min drive away from our new home.

Pics courtesy of Alson. On my cam of course :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More cooking

Dinner on Fri:
Cheese sausage wrapped with prata.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Over the weekend

Fri -
D & I popped over to SK after work.
I had nothing decent to serve her.
Attempted to bake corn on the cob but turned out the corn not sweet.
We shared instant noodles and powdered corn soup. Damn unhealthy!
The most decent thing I can think of is this peppered crackers topped with tuna.
Very yummy.

Hubs came later and pasted some felt thingy at the base of the dining chairs to reduce the screeching sound.
It worked really good.

Electrician came by to shift the lighting point.
Now nearer to aircon and away from the bed.

The carpenter finally helped shift the bedside tables to be level with height of mattress.

Grouting for mosiac tiles done.

Cabinet under sink rectified. How pretty!

Aunty Irene's daughter's wedding dinner -

Our table

The other table

Yes, my colleagues are all the aunties and uncles.
Pics are taken to self-entertain. Bride has not reached our table yet.

Went to Siglap with D.
We can't seem to get enough of each other eh? :D

Dinner was at the Yong Tau Foo shop. Quite nice.

Followed by dessert at The Cheesecake Cafe.
Strawberry Oreo CC is damn damn good! As good as ever!
Greedy us ordered extra serving of fries after dessert.
Kinda ex lor. $12.90 for that plate of fries.
Love the interior deco. Think they re-deco a bit since we've last been.

Hehe.. no pics of us. No MU cannot show face la.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why I don't like Taka Jewellery

Snapped the shot while walking from office to Bugis.
So damn funny that I had to share it. Hahaha... Lousy marketing strategy.

* P/S: Just my own views. I don't mean to say jewellery from there not good :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New additions to the home

Our delivery almost complete except for a small coffee table (which R said is delayed due to China flood).

We ended up buying the same dining table as Amy.
Very very exceed budget but no choice this is the prettiest and length just nice for us. 1.35metre.
The nice delivery man who used Turtle Wax to polish the stainless steel legs.

Black glass dining table (FM) + Panton replicas (By R)

My favourite lights (following my mbr hanging light)


Close up. Egyptian crystals.
We got it at a very good price. $240

View of dining table from living room

Another view

Sofa from FM. A 2.1m seater

TV and Home Theatre System up.
I'm beginning to think our full length feature wall (with wallpaper) is a little 费.
Apparently it just looks like a normal wall cuz most ppl are so used to non-full length feature walls.

Hitachi fridge. I love the automatic ice-making function.
Bottom-mount freezer.

My darling Electrolux washer 7kg RPM1000.
First time using washer.
Very suaku. Got excited when using it. Very easy to use.

WINK decal is up.
This husband hor did it while I was napping.
Woke up shocked that he's already half way into it.
A bit um... not what I expected it to be.
Ok la give him some credits. At least he tried to do some work ma.

That "human" fan hubs redeemed from Caltex.
Pls lor. I have never seen someone so proud of a redemption before.
Now even more proud cuz mum and a few random ppl commented it's cute.
Seriously it looks kind of offending to me.
Like a boy using his mouth to blow at you + his "there" also blowing at you.
Get what I mean?