Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beanster family outing April 2011

Yeah it's the 1st PH since I start work. Long weekend! Ok I only worked for 3 weeks which 1 week was off due to XY's hospitalisation. We decided to visit my mum at Bishan since it was 2 days before her 2nd death anniversary.

Our princess in her throne as usual :)

Daughter and daddy in the front seats. I'm just a passenger these days eversince XY realised it's more fun to be in the front seat.

A white rose for my pretty mummy :)

Lunch at a Japanese family restaurant.

XY's 1st kiddy bento. She had this instead of sharing food with me. Quite a cute idea but we had to finish up the omelette and tori karaage since she's such a small eater.

Mama's food. Portion not big but definitely enough to share with little XY.

Boring old man had boring old food...

Grown up little girl doesn't want to be strapped to babychair anymore... No choice her daddy was forced to sit in the opposite chair.

Which meant a new playground for her...

Phew lunch was over and time for her nap while we had a chance to shop around a bit.

This is actually the 1st time ever the family went out early to optimise the PH. Quite a good idea cuz we were back home in time to make dinner. Maybe we should do this again the next PH :))

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mini vacation at KKH

The school sent her to KKH by ambulance. Scared the shit out of me and K!!! The hospital stay concluded without any findings of the cause. Question is should we leave it as it is or go for more checks? Here's the little girl waiting to be wheeled up to ward 62. Still in deep sleep after reaching ward. Complimentary ride provided by the wards. These are hot favourites. All the kids wanna have a ride on it. Oh and of course she had many rides on this too. She now knows how to insert the coin by herself. K is spoiling her too much. 4 rides 1 of the days!! The morning after, another ride eventhough she did not request for it. Does she look like a patient? Gosh, should have worn ward "uniform" for her.
See this video. She was pushing the car around before I reached and when she heard my voice she immediately ran to mummy! *love*
The ultimate terrorist - on drip still can cheeky. Disgrace to be seen by the other patients and their family in the same room.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bean can eat!

It's amazing what she learns in school. I most definitely did not teach her that.

Beanster family at the zoo - A pictorial

One day before mama goes to work, daddy brought us to the zoo :) Conclustion: K is right!! Cannot bring her for holiday at all. Don't listen to us and cannot sit still. Not even interested in the Animal Show!! Bean, you'd better prove yourself good to daddy so we can go somewhere soon.