Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

Quick! Must post my 2009 pics before 12 midnight!!

*WARNING* Loads of pics and some are randomly taken.

Our Christmas day dinner at The Line.
Grabbed the following pics from my Ah Lim FB:

She and my handsome bro fiddling with Ah Bui's new cam.
What? I cannot call him Ah Bui? Can la. They also call mine Old Man ma.
Sorry ah never post AB pics in case he kana recognised on the streets and become an instant celebrity.

Darling in her good mood.

Laughing-stock of the night - D sniggered at him for eating 叉烧饭.
Pls leh girl, look carefully! Is 烧鸭腿+烧肉饭can?
Oops... not forgetting the big bowl of 鱼丸汤.
Well.. we consoled him that hawker centre 鱼丸汤 don't have quail's egg and prawn.

D who adores my Princess to the max.

*Yawn* Auntie D why you keep carrying me?

Dunno what expression.

Looking chubby here.

Mummy, I think I lost my hairband!

With Mummy! Finally!
Why my eyebrow so thick ah? I didn't tattoo it hor.

Happy Family. Finally!
Oei, why never wear hairband.

My bro looking pro with the inherited SLR.
Yes, skipping the "D" as well :)

My Ah Lim and her innovative ideas :)
Bean looks like boy without hairband while wearing dress.

Shame shame can see diaper.
Hai, why Mummy never wear that cutie little panty matchy matchy with the dress one?
Dress is a pressie from Auntie Cindy and Auntie Anna. Cute or not?

Presents time!

Yee!! Open my Bean's present.

Bean happy and cheerful again after her nap.
(Me in background making funny faces to her)

Auntie Yvonne knows Bean has problem falling asleep.
Organic toiletries and massage oil.
So pampered ah.. Mummy will steal the shampoo to use. Drop hair la. I need the organic shampoo more than Bean who... has not much hair *LOL*.

Thoughful Auntie Yvonne bought this dual usage MU for me.
My first Benefit item!!! Yeah excited!
Tried it once. Easy to blend. Much prefer this than Origin's "Pinch your cheeks" which dries up too fast, harder to blend and stains the finger.

Lousy bar code sticker that peel off the shiny pink layer when removed.

Learning toys from 舅舅. Wonder how soon can Bean start to play with it?

Leap Frog activity table with... PINK legs.
Ain't Bean a lucky baby? Hehe sounds like some baby stuff brand.

Here comes the random pics:

Bean pretending to be hiphop. Oei hiphop need to straighten the body till like that?

She's always swinging her legs during tummy time.

You thought hiphop is cool? Check out my self taught 一字马!

Cheeky girl


Love it when she purses her lips.

Trying to pose like model by looking away when shooting her bath time pic.

New bodysuit which I think describes Bean very well.

Another one of the "swinging" actions.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas All!

The family had a super fun time with the pals on Christmas day. Waiting for the photographers of the night to upload pics :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby photoshoot with Sean Lau. Anyone keen?

UP: $238
10 babies sign up @ $208 ($30 off our Classic Baby Package)
20 babies sign up @ $188 ($50 off our Classic Baby Package)
30 babies sign up @ $178 ($60 off our Classic Baby Package)

Classic Baby Package
- 02 Hours Session for your baby with Sean Lau
- 05 Pictures of 5" x 7" (High Resolution)
- 01 Reprint on 8" x 12" with Framing (Table Top)
- DVD of selected images in High Resolution

*Additional Pax can join in the session for $25/pax instead of $35.
If both parents join in for a family portrait, we will throw in an additional picture worth $30.

* Recommended age: Below 1 year

I'm not the organiser. Just trying to gather more babies for more discount.
Interested parties, pls contact Serene @ 97932771

The Ah Beng Daddy vs Ah Lian Mummy

Me gotten new wedges.
K's reaction was "Wa B, why so ah lian?"

My response "To match your ah beng car!"

By the way, my ah Teo said they looked more AUNTIE than ah lian.
Tell me I am not becoming auntie!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Family Day

Yeah Sunday is a shopping day for us!
Eversince I went back to work, I don't have chance to go shopping often. Not even during lunch time since I have to cater minimum 20min to express milk and be back to office as early as I could. Am always looking forward to Sundays where we could go out as a family. Bean is such a darling, always behaving herself in the pram while we were out. We don't go shopping every week. Probably every alternate Sunday. Clever me now bring my Avent manual out with us. While Daddy is bottle feeding Bean, I pop in the nursing room to pump for say, 10min and get 1 feed worth of milk for Bean. Clever use of time and we can bring 1 feed lesser to lighten our load. No worries of engorgement even if we are out for more than few hours.

Caught in the act of abusing Miss Rabbit

Our dinner at Taka Tampopo: Famous black pig ramen

My Sweetie Pie woken from her short nap.
Happy as a lark.
Looks pretty chubby hor. Just for the record she weighed 5kg when we took her to the doctor's last Thursday. 5kg for a 4 monther seems.. hehe pretty small but she's growing very well. Drinking about 600-700ml of Mummy's milk everyday.

Poor us till now never had a family pic.
Only can solo with Bean.
Hint hint: Attendees of Christmas Day dinner, pls 自动 take happy family potrait for us.

YES, no need to ask. I was certainly engorged by this time.
Complete with eyebags and dark circles. No makeup. Great!

Loots of the day:

Christmas came early for Mummy Jo. Hehe... thanks Daddy K.
Um... you don't get to be Juicy often so this could be my one and only chance to camwhore the... packaging! PINK!!! Perfectly understand why XX so crazy about them now!

Even interior of the paperbag also chio. Mad love. Hahaha.

Yes, not done camwhoring with it yet.
I asked for it to be gift wrapped. Daddy was like ??
Don't care. No extra charge for the pretty gift box why don't want?

Why? Not happy huh?
I happy can already. Pink and brown combi is so apt.

Receipt also pink ok. Which other shop bothers with that?
Ok finally last pic. Phew right?
Not revealing what's inside. Not a bag la. My hanger/stand no space to hang already.

New play mat for Bean. Some Korean brand. Got it from a shop in Paragon.

When opened. Specially open to blog about it ok.
Have not dettoled it yet.
Had wanted to buy the biggest or bigger sized one but Daddy said this is enough.
Sigh.. old living room so limited space.
Costs $109. Biggest one (LG) costs a whopping $300+. Jas has that but I think she got a better price through bulk purchase via motherhood forum.

Munchkin stacking cups and Pigeon teether.
Yeah going to refrigerate the teether and let Bean experiment with it tomorrow. Hope she likes it since she has been biting a lot of stuff these days.

And so what Daddy got? Oh he got to exercise swiping his card lor.
Nah, just kidding. He only swiped for Juicy.