Monday, August 10, 2009

Maternity Shoot by Colorful

Shot on week 37/38 of my pregnancy.
Some of my favourites:

Mummy *heart* DouDou

I love this one but a bit hard to make my tummy look really round when lying down.

She's Daddy's Gem.
Sharing same bd as Daddy.

Cute little shoes from Auntie Yvonne.

Handmade booties from Auntie Jessica. Ok she prefers to be called 姨姨.

Daddy listening to DouDou.

Me in my pre-pregnancy denim skirt with extender.

She's a July baby.

How she looks like inside Mummy's stomach.

Daddy learns to read Miffy book.

Heavier than Daddy!

Taken in Ferine's room.
Daddy loves this pic.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 9: Afternoon nap

Sleeping soundly

My best bd present ever

Yes I know is kinda unromantic and all but I felt truly happy and satisfied when I received the package.

I was having sore nipples due to improper latch-on and DouDou not suckling well.
I tried to use Avent manual pump to express milk on the day we were discharged as DouDou does not want to suckle when I latched her on.
I wonder how she could sleep so well when it was already 4hrs after her last feed.
Anyway I had a hard time figuring out how to use the manual pump.
Managed to express 20ml from the right breast (DD was still on 40ml per feed on day 5) and I switched to left side to pump. After pumping about 10ml, I realised the colour of the milk changed to reddish instead of the usual yellow colour.
Left nipple bleeding. Not the super heavy flow kind of bleed. Dunno how to describe it.
Super upset! 30ml of my precious milk down the drain.
I was really depressed and kept crying. Felt so sad my gal had to go for formula milk the next feed.
Then hubby disappeared for a good 1hr+ and came back with this nice electric pump for me.
It has this "massage" function that helps to stimulate milk flow before "letdown".
I've been using it for exclusive pumping the past 5 days and I love it so much.
Regretted getting a manual pump in the first place.

Yes. That's my milk.
I think there's about 70ml there. Just nice for 1 feed.
She started to drink 70ml from day 7 onwards.
Oh ya hubby also bought me nipple shield so I will try latching DD on after a few more days' rest.

Friday, August 7, 2009

DouDou Day 6

She opens her eyes more frequently.
Especially when she's hungry.
Eyes look like Mummy or not?

DouDou comes home!

6 days of hospital stay and finally able to discharge and bring my princess home.

With the bunch of nice staff at St. Raphael ward.
Too bad 2 of my favourite nurses were on afternoon shift that day :(

Princess on her new cot wearing the nice romper from Auntie Jeanne.
Kinda loose on her.
Oops hospital tag not removed yet.

Sleeping on Daddy and Mummy's bed.

* Discharged on 3rd Aug but posted only today.
Pardon the poor resolution pics. Taken on videocam.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

First minutes after arrival of Princess

My little princess has arrived.
Who is the one filming? Daddy of course.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

30th July 2009 - Happy Birthing Day

Went through a lot of procedures and finally had a emergency Caesarean.
Hubby quite reluctant for me to go for it as recovery slower and higher risk involved but Dr Ho was fast to decide to go for the surgery.

Morning of 30th July -
Me transferred from observation ward to Delivery Suite.
Waterbag broken, epidural injected and on drip, waiting for contractions.

First chart monitoring DouDou's heartbeat.
Second chart monitoring my contractions.
30 hours after inserting the tablet and 8 hours after breaking the waterbag,
contractions still not much and cervix only dilate 3cm.

Dr Ho suggested go for C-section at about 430pm.
The OT was arranged in about 20mins' time.
The nice anesthetist gave me a light drug to sleep so I was not aware when Dr Ho cut my tummy up.
When the procedure was done, I was woken up and the first thing I heard was my darling daughter (DD) wailing.

Believe it or not?
She stopped crying for a moment once they carried her over and put her in front of me.
Nice shot taken by the anesthetist.