Friday, April 30, 2010

Standing with support and cheekiness continues - A pictorial

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dinner few days back

Inspired by fellow cotter (Wennie) and decided to do this for dinner. Looks quite close to the ones we eat outside right? Beside the fact that I cut the carrot cake too big pce. Anyway the carrot cake I got from Fairprice isn't very good. A bit hard... Sorry to my hubby. No prawns since this is a last minute decision and no prawns available.

Dinner last night

Simple dishes...

菜心with Shimeiji mushrooms.
Forgotten to fry the mushrooms so fried separately later on.

Tomato prawns.
Love the sauce :)

Bean in trolley

We went to Fairprice grocery shopping 2 days in a row and so Beanie gets to sit in the trolley 2 days in a row. She enjoyed it a lot, especially when I pushed the trolley forward at high speed.

At the checkout area where she insisted want to take my NETS card.
Eeks! The gal simply puts anything and everything inside her mouth.

On the 2nd day... she got more familiar with the chain thing that is supposed to interlock with another trolley. Actually more than familiar since she has many "tastes" of it already when I wasn't looking. *LOL*

Getting annoyed when I disallowed her to continue "savouring" the wonders of the interlocking thing.

Sleepy by this time and slightly grouchy. Yeah good for me cuz she fell asleep almost immediately after I put her in her cot the moment we reached home.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bean at Coffee Bean

Found a new place for breakfast that isn't too far away from home :)

A shot which Rine thinks is funny :))

Another one of Bean's classic look.

At this age she still doesn't realise it's self service at Coffee Bean. Think same name they serve you is it?

Classic laughter on the way home.

While watching her own video, Auntie Rine snapped pic of her.
Ya she is always very kan cheong when watching this video.

First time Auntie Rine saw her have her lunch and she gave face by finishing all!

* Pics credit of Rine on her iphone *

Friday, April 23, 2010

The girl can stand!

This is what she always does during her play time - trying her best to stand.

Too tired then kneel down.

And then on this fateful day when Mummy busy in the kitchen she finally did it! Scared the shit out of Mummy and Daddy had to lower the level to the max.

Ya lah very clever lah. So smug for what?

Somehow she likes to do this very often these days.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Xiang Ying has a new friend

Think I mentioned earlier that I got to know a very nice Mummy from SMH and we are both July Mummies. Our babies just 17 days apart. Adelle is born on the 13th while XY 30th. *remember my obsession with the digit 3?* LOL

Some outdated pics from last month - XY's and Adelle's first playdate at Adelle home at Coris about 1.5 months ago.

Little XY first time in Jumperoo. Um.. I think that's the name for it?

Girls staring at each other

Left side one looks so blur. Right side one forver so happy.

Adelle: "I'm 17 days older than you, XY. Che che sayang Mei mei."

Here's to sistahood! *Can the one on the left stop that blur look!*

Adelle has many educational toys...

Which kinda got XY interested.

Second playdate as well as meetup for lunch for both Mummies just few days ago. So glad to have someone same as me gotta reach home before 6pm to prepare the kid's dinner and wind down time. hehe... We were at this Japanese food court at City Square. The food was actually quite good and the place was desserted at the time we were there. Perfect setting for a slow lunch and lots of chatting.

The girl who is very very addicted to her pacifier.

* Above pics credit to Sherryl *

P/S: Anyone thinks that XY and Adelle look alike? We were at this Jap food court and the auntie who came to clear the utensils actually asked if they were twins! S and I were quite amused. I asked S why never ask the auntie so guess who is the one who gave birth. On 2nd thoughts, better not la. The auntie sure guess is me. *Just look at S petite frame*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dinner tonight

Camera upgraded but photo-taking skills not :(

Anyway, here's my first attempt doing in cream sauce. Tastes good but presentation no good.
In case you were wondering, the black thing is mini portobello mushrooms :)

I scooped some stewed carrots (before I added cream and salt) into XY's usual oat porridge and then later on, she got to have small bits of potato when she crawled to the dining table while we were eating. I used the mini potatoes from Carrefour. She loves it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinner tonight

Laska using Prima pre-mix. Added chopped dried shrimps, prawns, tau pok, surimi sticks and hard boiled eggs. Quite good. Don't feel artificial.

Dessert for my gal :)
Strawberries are her new love now.