Monday, March 31, 2008

2 ceiling fans that we are eyeing...

I hate wired fan, that is why we have the intention to build ceiling fan.
I dont like to see wires running on the floor and is so easy to fall down especially having a clumsy wifey. keke...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My smoking point...LOL

This angle is viewed from Living room. 3rd floor nia, so damn low. If need to have a smoke break, just buy a jacob ladder, and climb down. haha :P

When dinner is ready, wifey will shout for me :"B... Dinner is ready...."

Last but not least...haha...

A wasting space...

Service Yard...

Also a stupid idea by having the a door, family who installed the windows & grills, will not close the door anymore.
I rather have the cost of the door to built windows, am i right?

An area where you use to place your washing/dryer machine.

On the left, we will be having a dinning table sticked to the wall. Still pending on which type of materials should we get? Glass, wood?

Photo Spamming again... LOL


Angle from Bedroom 2 / 3, pretty far ha, if cannot see cleary, scroll down for close up view. keke
Humm, may be you might want to consider to get yourself a spec.?

Lol, too close already, the entrance view is blocked.

Directly just below the windows, will be the washing basin, very beginning was thinking to put the stove near the windows.
Why? It is because when you are cooking, the smokes will dismiss from the windows, at the same time, saving cost for Hood.

However, a bit weird la, and moreover, wifey also dont like this idea.

Yup, you are absolutely correct, on the right, will be the fridge and the built-in cabinet for the stove. If you still remember, i have uploaded the proposal idea just right below this thread.
Got it...?

Saw this idea similar to our proposal...

The below designed was done by Plush Living which was published on one of the Home Design magazine.

So alike to what our proposal is, all we need to do is to change the color nia... keke

Dont be mistaken that our kitchen is that small, i believe the below idea was mend for 3 rm unit.

Still Photo Spamming...muahahaha...

Have you notice that the windows is very stupidly designed?
Why there is a piece at the right corner cannot be opened?

If you scroll down and view at the Master Bedroom, you will notice, so damn stupid.
By making a windows cannot be open, wtf...

This area suppose to be the TV console, but i dont like it, so i have switch my TV area to opposite side, however, we have to extend the powerpoint and RF cable to the other side.

Nothing cannot be done, just pay money lor.

There, opposite side, sorry did not manage to take full length, but is good enough, cause i believe you can imagine la hor... :P

There is only one powerpoint which is not enough la, cause there is a lot of electrical devices right below the TV.

On the right is the windows.

This is the viewing angle from Kitchen, can visualize the TV area already?

Photo spamming... keke

Athough our unit is WIS, but we are considered lucky cause we quite like our floor plan although 4 rooms is pretty small, only 90 sq ft.

Master Bedroom...

You are looking at the point of view where we are walking into the Master Bedroom, on the right, will be our wardrobe, a 6 ft wardrobe. But hor, i think my wife will chop the entire wardrobe cause she proclaimed she has alot of clothes to hang.


Have a break, have a Kit Kat...

Ok, manage to snapshot a few images, pardon me hor, me not a photographer. Everytime takes picture, somehow, the image sure goes blur one, dont know why leh... :O

1. Our Entrance...

Sometime, i dont find it necessary to have Bomb shelter, i rather choose to have a storeroom.
Why? It is because the storeroom's door will be lighter, and is much easier to open.

2. Common Doors...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Renovation Contract

Keke, actually have signed up with Plush Living a week ago, just that no time to update our blog.

Anyway, every ID/Contractor has their own package, and below is the one that was offered by Plush Living.

Below is our signed promotion package.

A) Professional Services
  • Space Planning & furniture Layout
  • Design Consultation
  • Furnishings Consultation
  • Perspective Drawings
  • Materials & Color Proposal
  • Project Management & Site Supervision & Audit
  • 24 Months Warranty with Guaranteed after Sale Service

B) Masonry Works

  • Construct 50 mm Cabinet base
  • Construct 50 mm washer base
  • Construct 50 mm fridge base

C) Plumbing Works

  • Extension of copper pipping or new kitchen sink position
  • Laying of concealed drainage pipe for kitchen sink
  • Labor for installation of kitchen sink
  • Extension of copper pipping to new washer position
  • Laying of conceal drainage pipe for washer
  • Labor for installation of storage heater
  • Labor for installation of bathrooms' accessories

D) Carpentry Works

  • Design & Fabricate 6 ft built-in-casement wardrobe in ABS trimming laminated doors
  • Design & Fabricate 20 ft kitchen cabinet in ABS trimming laminated doors
  • Supply & install 1 no. of solid plywood postform worktop, designer handles & cultery tray
  • Supply & install 2-tiers stainless steel dish rack
  • Supply & install Ariston 820 double bowl stainless steel sink & #8003SL swan neck cold tap
  • Supply & install Cuizino NC 598X Cooker Hood & Cuizino P8.3 VGGB/GM Cooker
  • Supply & install 3' stainless steel panel/colored-glass backing at cooker hob

E) Miscellaneous/General Services

  • Supply & install "Toshiba" split unit air-con for all bedrooms
  • Paint whole unit's wall & ceiling with ICI emulsion paint
  • Paint all pipes, doors, door-frames & gate with ICI gloss paint
  • Paint or re-varnish of existing main door
  • Plastering of whole unit's wall grooves
  • Laying of cardboard protection on affected area
  • Chemical washing for whole unit
  • General cleaning upon completion

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You want cheap Electrical Dealers? There you go...

Some hardwork from my wifey, keke, share share with you guys.

Goh Ah Bee
Blk 210, HouGang Street 21 #01-247
S'pore 530210
Tel: 6288 8611 / 6280 3962

Mega Discount Store
101 Thomson Road United Square #B1-56
S'pore 307591
Tel: 6254 7998

Ever Joint Electrical
Blk 159 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 #01-534
S'pore 560159
Tel: 6458 2531

I think is more then enough la, so far, we gotten good quotation from Goh Ah Bee.
You can try calling them, but as usual, you must do your homework before calling.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Ops, forgotten to share my floor plan

There you go. We quite like our floor plan, and i have been emphasizing to my wifey to choose it with care, be sure the floor plan does not have West Sun.

Our unit is a WIS, and before choosing any units near Seng Kang, i have eliminated and picked those that i find the floorplan is ok, and listed all onto the Excel sheet.

My wifey has to go alone to pick the unit, as i am serving the Nation, not able to leave the LST (Landing Ship Tank), so bo pian, luckily, her mum and 姨妈 is available to help her up. So glad. keke.

Pictures are on the way, stay tune.

Sourcing Interior Design

We have come to a conclusion to source Plush Living as our contractor.

We are glad to still able to enjoy their promotion package although it has already closed.

Why Plush Living?

1. Good reputation from RenoTalk Forum
2. Friendly Interior Designer who really offers alot of ideas
3. ID will give u a sketch of what is going to be happen before real renovation takes place.

Finally, possession of keys...

Well well well, the excited moment has arrived.

That is.... Collection of Key for Atrina Blk 272B.

Venue: HDB Branch (Toa Payoh)
Date to collect: 18/3/08
Time: 310pm

Keke, spent 1 hour to sign all documents, also, running up and down to purchase Fire insurance & payment for SC.

Next thing was, get some quick bites and drive down to Atrina.

As i am a believer, before we step into the house, i rolled the pineapple and shouted a few blessings message.

Stay tune for more photos.