Monday, April 28, 2008


Everyone knows about the SK II 神奇水 wonders right.
Me also la. Used a few bottles when I was younger but dropped it when I found no significant improvement.
Not to mention the high cost la. Always had to wait for Metro 20% to buy leh.
See how thrifty I am? hehe...

Anyway I just wanted to share my experience for the most most expensive facial treatment I have ever done in my life.
There was this promo in Urban last month for $50 off facial service at SK II spa.
Of cuz I can't let myself down and had to try it right.

Upon entering, I was asked to fill up a questionaire. A 香香 tea was served. Seriously the aroma of the tea tasted like some kind of essential oil but it wasn't bad enough to put me off.
Subsuquently, I was intro to my therapist, Denise.
She brought me to a room and used a kind of equipment (sorry I dunno what it's called) to "scan" my skin surface.

Not the first time I'm seeing it la but everything I also quite scared cuz can see how badly clogged my pores are, especially at jaw bone area.
Don't ask me why there. Besides the nose, this is the most congested part.
After analysing my skin, she told me I have oily/combination skin, slightly clogged pores and dehydrated skin.
My concern was more on clogged skin so she intro me to do the Skin Refining Facial.

The price is OMG $100 after discount for a 60min job. I know is SK II la but still very very ex to me.

Overall experience was good but I find the massage part too little. Maybe it's due to the 60min time frame.
The mask part was a little letdown for me. They just used a SK II facial treatment sheet mask which I seriously can just buy off the shelf and use it at home lor.
Take it on the bright side it was a good chance for me to try the mask (since it's so expensive that I won't even buy to try).

Denise was surprised I could take the pain very well during the extractions.
Pls lor I can endure any pain for the sake of beauty. Even AK pain I also can tahan leh.
One of the best parts is they provide a goose down and feather duvet instead of towel blankets.

Comment on therapist:
She's a little too chatty for my liking but very very friendly and attentive kind.
Quite hard-sell eventhough most forumers said they are not.

New home for "Blackie"

Hehe... an impromtu name for hubs' baby.

Thought of confirming our dining table at OM warehouse sale but very hard to make decision so we left w/o buying (eventhough I saw a table quite cheap. $700 leh where to find!).
In the end went back to Atrina to loiter.

Hubs very concerned about "bathroom" for Blackie.
I caught a very interesting signboard at Blackie's new home.

We walked around few times also can't find the washing bay.
Hubs said no problem. He will trolley 3 buckets of water down to do his job.

Here's the way to Blackie's new lot @ 272B.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Miscellanous stuff Part 1

Bought almost 2 months back. KS hor.
Cutlery for new home:

Close up of the knife:

All 18/10 stainless steel. Haha we are so obsessed with 18/10 now. Wanted to get WMF set but some of the stuff like useless so went ala carte at Tangs :)

$50++ for 4 tablespoons/forks, 2 soup spoons/knives/dessert fork/tea spoon and 1 butter spreader.
Good deal?

Bought just ytd:
Wall clock for living room. Only $29.90 for a pushcart at Suntec.
Finally can get a glimpse of my fav colour :)

Just nice to cover the HHS circle.

By the way, this is the place we got our mosaic tiles:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another visit to showroom

Post by wifey:

Scheduled paintwork to start coming week but still no receive email from S.

No choice but to go down yet another time on a Fri evening.

Colours of proposed paint is quite nice. Quite 王禄江 but a bit boring and "too proper" kind. All ICI colours. Imagine whole place already black and white then the paint also so matching one. I managed to change 1 wall colour to PINK. Can understand my joy?? Finally comes my colour!
Ceiling will all be white.
Can't wait for next week. Will be very very busy then.
I want to be KS and confirm my sofa colour soon. Must make a trip to FM soon.

I didn't bother to take pics of proposed paint colour since it's just some stickers and the colour not so accurate.

Can only remember the pink for "my" room (that is until hubs makes a mistake la but have to be a girl since the paint is pink), lavender mist for living room and some gray colour for study room.

Coloured pics finally:



Living room

Study room

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Head-Over-Heels Couples Run 2008

Steady bo... 8 KM run with wifey. Maybe next attempt is 10 KM ba.

Slowly la... i smoker mah, have to catch my breathe one leh.

But then again, if i run 3 days per week with 5 KM, i should not have any problem attempting
10 KM, technically speaking la. keke

Nowadays, i run lesser liao, maybe due to work, no time ba especially recent week, a long stretch of maintenance, strengthless after reached home.

I have to maintain my NIKE Runaholic 3193. :O

8 KM run, a straight road along East Coast. I know la, is simple to you, but you have to stay together with your partner cause the timing will be taken only both reaches the end.

We will be receiving our Certificate of Run soon, as well as the timing, believe will be printed on the certificate.

Anyway, here is some of the images captured at the ending line.

The video is 3.21 MB, keke.

This video is made by myself, if happens that you really cant see the video, click HERE, or belong link.

Our tag no is: Tag 53-54,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Coloured" final drawing

No reno done after Day 1!

Very slow right?

No choice. According to S, they called HDB officers to come up to our unit to rectify some defects.
Hubs so KS he called HDB dunno how many times to check.
Anyway I cannot be bothered with such things.
This type of things throw to hubs to do la. *snigger*

We finally got to see the coloured drawings.
Haha a bit of joke la. They just used those old drawings and coloured them.
Those things we don't want still there. Very obvious they are just recycling the old drawings right?

Btw, today I brought up to S how come the tiles cost so little and she charge us soooo much.
She said the tiles very very ex blah blah and she nearly did it labour-free. I was almost fooled by her.

My understanding of 1 foot is 12 by 12 inches. Pls correct me if I'm wrong :)
Her explanation to me of 1 foot is super super small. (Looks like 9cm by 9cm)
Anyway hubs and me always like under her spell in her showroom so we always agree with her inside there.

I'm planning to go back to the tiles shop one day to check with the ppl there what's the real meaning of psf.

If I find out that she is lying to me, I'm going to bring up again.
See what else she can throw in for me.

Come on I mean if you want to earn from me of cuz I understand but if the tiles cost $xxx and you charge me $xxx.

That's a clear cut profit of abt x00% (excluding labour cost la but will the labour cost be very high if the tiles are up within 20min?)!!!

If we dunno about the pricing still not so bad. But we saw the cost price of the tiles and we saw how many pcs used.

Why should we keep quiet and let you earn x00%??

OK enough of my boring rant with no pics.

More later.

ETA: Post edited to protect ID interest.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why JVC...

Why i choose JVC? It was inherited by my dad.

When i was a boy, my dad bought a JVC audio system which costs him more then 1k.
Well, i know 1k is nothing at this century.

Maybe, how about in the year of 1980, isnt 1k considers very expensive. The Audio system has served my dad for more then 15 years, the best part is, the speakers is still in my room functioning perfectly.

Some people asked me, how come JVC, why not Samsung or other brands? I understand the logic behind it after my recently visit at IT Fair.

One example:

One of the JVC Representative hinted me, Samsung is not a really technology electronic, but just gimmicks to attract customers, by buying a Samsung TV, you will get this and that for FOC. Also, he told me if i have noticed, Samsung seldom demostrate their technology infront of customers.

Keke, my wife and i purposely walked over to Samsung counter, indeed, they never demostrate anything, but just explaining the benefits and calling for FOC.

On the other hand, JVC demostrated the entire JVC technology and proven to me.
He managed to convince me, therefore, i have placed an order with him.

One of my old friend knowing me that i have bought a JVC system, he proclaimed that the audio will detoriate. In my mind, i accept his comment, but i wont believe him totally as my dad audio system speaker is still functioning so well, and it is like more then 20 years.

Every system will detoriate, even a human will die.

-- JVC LCD TV, a Full HD TV.

For technology wise, i dont go for HD Ready cause technology advance very quickly, dont stay back, always ahead of it.

-- Home Theatre System

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Reno starts today!

Post by wifey:

Day 1

Was supposed to start yesterday but electricity and water not up yet.
Hubs very efficient. Got the appt date very quickly. SP services even more efficient.

Kudos to Mr Teo (of SP services) who arrived earlier than the appt time and activated for us even when we were not around.

What was I doing during this time?

At Denise's place waiting for the plumber to un-install the water heater and stove then they move over to my unit.

Water meter:

Water storage heater installed in common bathroom:
(Yes too soon to be installed but it makes no sense to leave it there so the plumber did his job)

When I arrived at our unit, there's a brown/square package on the floor outside.
Open up and saw the mosiac tiles we selected on Fri.

So excited. So pretty. Ok la. Quite class also :p

Without flash:

With flash:

Still dunno what I'm using it for right?
Pics coming on next post.

Actually we a bit disappointed with the high charges.
We being charged this amount but actual only 12pcs required.

The charge is quite shocking ok. Anyway tmr I will call S and ask her so few pcs why charge us so much.

Some electrician ppl came by to do a little electric work.
It's something to do with the tiles. (Again reveal later :))

It was almost 5pm after all done and I was left alone waiting for hubs and Denise to come.
I locked the main door and starting reading my book when some ppl came again.

They were doing base for fridge, kitchen cabinet and washer.

Raw materials

Guys at work in kitchen

For fridge base

Base done at sink area

Today also marks the grand opening ceremony of our MBR toilet bowl :)

No need to go BK MRT or coffeeshop anymore dude!
More pics coming up.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Presenting Atrina's very own Little India...

Remember my previous post regarding our neighbour, really hopeless, and they have ruin my living standards.

Although we have not officially shifted into our unit, but still dont wish to see any disturbance by our neighbour.

Look what have they done before shifting in.

While you are walking towards our unit, you will see a small plantation, and a mini rubbish chute

Coming to the end of the mini rubbish chute, you turn right, and what do you see next?
A ladder and clothes hanging right outside our doorway.

Isnt it very ridiculous? I am going to confront them when i see them at home, I am also not expecting all this disturbance after i have shifted in.

If it happens again, i will not hesitate and call rubbish cleaners to throw all the clothes, ladder and rubbish chubb away.

I think most likely we are going to have public enemy soon.

Hip Hip Hooray, Little India........... :O

View from our main door, don't you find the sight ridiculous?
Right in front of my door *faint*

However, i do notice that my neighbour are not really living in the unit yet, cause the day we took this image was a raining day, while heading home, i noticed their windows is not closed.

I am suspecting the clothes are hanged by the contractor.
At this point of time, i take it as temporary KIV complaints.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Essential Electrical Appliances for the House

Post by wifey:

Been lurking in Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, Audio House and even neighbourhood shops for the past few months.

I really must applaud HN for the superb service they provided.
Generally most of our experiences at HN branches are good.

Firstly, they serve with a genuine smile/attitude.
They never give you a Manhatten Onceover (if you read Shopaholic series, you'll understand).
HN management really bothers to send their staff for proper product training.

There is no question that the SA cannot answer. Even if the product does not belong to his/her dept, he will politely ask another SA to take over.

They are not pushy at all and best of all they are patient enough to guide you along the product features and truly understand your needs before recommending other models.
We spent a long time (possibly close to an hour) on our previous visit at Millenia Walk branch and ended up not buying.

The SA (Miss Jasmine Chan) gave us a polite smile when we told her we need to do more research.
Being the super auntie me, of course I asked if they could match the price of neighbourhood electrical shops :P

Today hubs and I went down again. We thought since we were around the vicinity, we might as well pop by and hubs was anxious to confirm some critical items so that we could give S the dimensions early.

So we bought these:

Hubs had wanted Fisher & Paykel 402 but the nice SA (randomly find also nice one!!) rec this to us. She said this is better performance and more practical to use. F&P only looks nice from outside.
We saved $100+ you know. You see how I cannot stop praising HN staff?

Hitachi Refrigerator R-S37SVS (RRP: $1099)

Dimension: (WxHxD, mm) 590 x 1798 x 615

Electrolux Washer EWF1084 (RRP: $1219)
Sure cannot get this price elsewhere. 100% confirm + chop!
They had a special promo price BUT.... still gave us discount on top of that!

Dimension: (WxHxD, mm) 600 x 850 x 590

Novita Garment Steamer SS-16i (RRP: $245)

We got super special price for these 3 items. Cannot post here.. hehe
Anyway the price too special till we cannot opt for installment. We paid 20% downpayment. Balance is COD.

Passed by a small shop which specialise in eyebrow embroidery and lip tattoo (I think).
Saw this really nice hanging light. Hubs very funny he said go in and ask them where they got it.
Crazy or not?
Being the clever me, of course I don't do silly things like this la.
I snapped:

Just bring the pic to lighting shop should be easy to find... hehe
Planning to put this in MBR. Nice hor?

Fan Fan Fan... Ceiling Fan

Remembered i have posted my favourite designer Ceiling fan.. Kao, the price is fantastic, to minimize the damage, we have decide to dump our idea.

Last Friday, we dropped by Elmark and saw our dream ceiling fan, due to the price, we decide to look around....hey, i saw this nice one, and my wifey also like it.

Made our payment and have concluded our ceiling fan at home.

We gotten a very good price and was offerred with an LCD Remote control Unit, but wifey wants to reduce a bit, so we took the stock Remote control Unit (no LCD). Pui..

By the way, just $38 cheaper nia. haiz..

Have do a search on the website, and found the actual image...
We will be shortening the rod, too long makes it damn ugly.

Finalised design for our Love Nest

Post by wifey:

We specially applied leave to go down to ID's showroom to select colours for wallpaper, laminates and mosiac tiles.
The MT is only a small portion la. Not going to reveal where it will be yet... hehe
Stay tuned for our reno progress to know :P

We don't have any theme but it seems that most of the colours proposed by S is either black or white.
Not a bad thing la but very hard to choose cuz most of the colours I chose, she rejects.
Actualyl I told S I don't want the whole place to be BLACK and WHITE but she said must be like that then will look class.
Really meh?

Her fav statement to me:-
Me: (points to a laminates colour/wallpaper design) Can or not?
S: 可以,不过不美咯.

Haha.. S is such a funny lady. Very nice to work with.
Hubs can really click with her. Whatever concept I come up with, both of them sure got the same thing to say me.
Haha sometimes I'm wondering Hubs in my side ppl or her side ppl.

--Master Bedroom

Anyway here's the drawing of MBR. I LOVE the wallpaper. Always wanted this kind although Sis said it may be a little too "cold".
Headboard design is not like this. S will do the design I like in coloured drawing.
Hopefully can be ready by next week.
And yeah!!! I get to do my casement door wardroom. I designed the interior layout.

Just nice for my makeup toolbox.

--Living room:

Super hard time choosing the wallpaper ok.
S almost gave up on me. No choice la 1st time doing wallpaper of course want to choose a nice one la.
Chosen wallpaper is textured white/off-white.

--Study room:

Hubs pce of heaven. Design/layout ok?
At first S proposed the top shelves with doors but I wanted to change to open shelves.

Today Hubs told me an unfunny joke.
He said he will sit nearer to the window so that when I'm approaching the room, he can throw the ciggie butt out of the window.
Denise told him $200 FINE!

Haha this sounds more funny to me :)

I am very particular about Bomb Shelter...

You know la, HDB designers/Architectures CMI, bomb shelter, crap la.. afterall, still a storeroom for every household.

Bomb Shelter door is super heavy, likewise, a storeroom door will be lighter.

Sillypore is just a small island, do you think we can survive when there is an attack? of course no la... tiu.

We got the idea from Plush Living showroom. Take a look at the image below.

For this idea, you have to imagine the direction, beginning from left side.

Once you step into the house, first this, you will see the PVC on your left, the centre piece of glass is door to Bomb Shelter, last piece of glass on the right is for decoration.

I hope you understand what i am trying to explain. keke

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Plush Living Package...

Basin is the missing item, but anyway, the brand is Ariston.


Well, wife quite satisfied with black, but Designer and i did give her an idea that the kitchen table top is black granite, unfortunately, only white can bring up the colour.

Stainless steel, i have deny cause it is damn ugly.

-- White Tempered Glass Hob

-- Black Tempered Glass Hob

-- Stainless Steel Hob


Only one option when we drop by Cuizino showroom, as the rest of the Hod is quite expensive and have exceeded our package condition.

Aiya, woman dream kitchen must have all this crap things la. sigh. I personally feel that with an Oven around, make sure my wifey really utilize it, ah bo, i sure make noise one.


A closer look at our sourced Designer showroom...

If you are their customer, you are allow to park infront of their showroom.

On the right corner of the building, there is a parallel parking, which I have parked for half day, yet, no carpark attendance... :O

Keke, am i consider lucky?

When we first step into the showroom, kind of weird, as their own decor in the showroom is like a pub. You will understand if you look at below image.

We finalise our design (finally)!

Have specially applied for leave to go to Plush Livings showroom.
Have decided our desire colours for wallpaper and laminates.

We did not have a theme in mind but Designer keeps suggesting us that we have a lot of blacks and whites for contrast.

Our Designer favourite reply when we ask her "Can or not?": "可以。不好看咯"
Haha funny or not.

The headboard design is not like this but she will change to my desired in coloured drawing.
Anyway here's the layout of MBR:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My neighbour condition.... Gosh....

There is one night, i brought my cousin to my lovely home to show him the actual layout of my unit.

Gosh, havent shift in, already seeing the walkway packed with bicycle, plants and rubbish that cannot be stored inside their unit.

I was, oh god damn shit, i am going to live beside them for the rest of my live, given an estimation of 5 years, if have the financial, i will shift out.

KNN, i am not racist, but just cant stand to see our shared walkway become a rubbish den.

If i complain to HDB, wah, like that laggy worst, sure no neighbourhoodship, keke, public enemy.

Not only they shit-ted the entire walkway, it seems like their entire family included grandma/dad, auntie and whatsoever all living under one roof, so damn noisy.

Argh.... guess i dont need to fix a curtain blind liao, since the noise already forcing me to close my main door. Why bother to spend extra cash. keke

Sigh... Black skin.... TMD

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ever heard of this Naming "UFO"...

Ah, is just a water tap...

Wifey said that the tap is not as tough as those standard tap, however, if u like the design, can just go ahead and install.

I personally dont see there is a problem as things will spoilt eventually, not only tap.

This design is squarish, sleek and nice.

This is the one i am talking about UFO...