Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Xiang Ying meets Yu Xuan

Aw... the perfect scene, the perfect couple. I cannot ask for more :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Save the date!

17/02/2012 is the day! The day I'm gonna be cut and my son's gonna be pulled out and stopping his kicking in my tummy. Stay tuned for my updates and birth story (if I can recall).

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

And the baby makes 4!

Haven't been blogging for the longest time. I don't know why being a FTWM makes me spend lesser time with my darling daughter and in turn, take lesser pictures of her. I'm not sure if I've had more time for myself the past 10 months eversince back to workforce. Sure, I have undisturbed long lunches, shopping sprees (using my self-extended lunch time) etc. but it really isn't the same anymore with family management. I miss, really miss the days of just-me-and-my-daughter-times. Now that I'm about to deliver my 2nd baby, I miss those days even more! Maybe I can be said to be a person who is easily satisfied. I don't have big ambitions, high hopes. As long as the family is well fed and happy, I won't ask for anything else. People have been asking me do I want to give the same treatment to my 2nd. As in stay home till he is old enough to go to childcare then return to work. I can't say hubby and me did not consider it at all but financially it's gonna be tough unless I withdraw XY from childcare ($500/month) but I don't have the confidence I could handle 2 kids alone on my own. Besides that, I cannot convince myself to give up my current job which is offering quite a flexible working schedule and the salary is essential for the household.

I think must be too long didn't blog. I can't continue this anymore. Next time again soon :D