Saturday, August 8, 2009

My best bd present ever

Yes I know is kinda unromantic and all but I felt truly happy and satisfied when I received the package.

I was having sore nipples due to improper latch-on and DouDou not suckling well.
I tried to use Avent manual pump to express milk on the day we were discharged as DouDou does not want to suckle when I latched her on.
I wonder how she could sleep so well when it was already 4hrs after her last feed.
Anyway I had a hard time figuring out how to use the manual pump.
Managed to express 20ml from the right breast (DD was still on 40ml per feed on day 5) and I switched to left side to pump. After pumping about 10ml, I realised the colour of the milk changed to reddish instead of the usual yellow colour.
Left nipple bleeding. Not the super heavy flow kind of bleed. Dunno how to describe it.
Super upset! 30ml of my precious milk down the drain.
I was really depressed and kept crying. Felt so sad my gal had to go for formula milk the next feed.
Then hubby disappeared for a good 1hr+ and came back with this nice electric pump for me.
It has this "massage" function that helps to stimulate milk flow before "letdown".
I've been using it for exclusive pumping the past 5 days and I love it so much.
Regretted getting a manual pump in the first place.

Yes. That's my milk.
I think there's about 70ml there. Just nice for 1 feed.
She started to drink 70ml from day 7 onwards.
Oh ya hubby also bought me nipple shield so I will try latching DD on after a few more days' rest.

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VOnO said...

Wow...well Done!!! 70ML...I rem the most I had was like only 40ml and I felt so proud..hahahah...keep it up!! Jia you...