Sunday, June 26, 2011

My growing up girl - A pictorial

A miscellaneous collection of shots the past few months and recent :)
My, how she has grown! Can she remain at this age (less the tantrum throwing part)?

My darling at 19months

My darling at 21months

My darling at 22months

My darling at 23months

I'm feeling rather emotional while typing this bit (in fact tearing). Just slightly less than 3 months of returning to work I feel that I've missed out A LOT of her growing up milestone. She learns to self-feed, wear/take off her shoes, say bye bye. All these we discovered by chance. I didn't see those happen with my own eyes. This was not the way we planned... But this is the cruel fact of life. It turns out that my income is indispensable. We need the double income to be able to maintain current expenses. Life is hard! We have to accept it. Unfortunately.

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