Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birth announcement of Yu Xuan

Not sure is it due to being a 2nd time mummy or is it that I'm blessed to have engaged such a good confinement nanny that I "found" energy to host a full month celebration at home. Yes, home is my limit. I don't think I'm up to those chalet-style celebrations. Even feeding my boy round the clock, 8 feeds of 30min each or longer each time, I feel more "in control" than my 1st one. Engaging a good confinement nanny is SOOO important I think. I'll miss Auntie a lot when she goes back this Sunday. I'll miss her cooking, her help, and most importantly - HER!! Well... she has her own life too you know. I should be thankful enough she was able to extend 1 extra week for me since she's expecting her 1st grandchild coming April. No matter what, Auntie, you are the best helper ever and I will never forget you. Keep in contact!

Since we are having a celebration at home, I decided to distribute cakes to colleagues and friends who were not invited. Saves us the transportion time to drop by every relative's place too.

Yu Xuan's cakes are from Choz Confectionery. Sorry I don't know how to pronounce Choz hehehe.

The complimentary card that was included in every box. Pic was not pro but at least it was better than the one I took during XY's time. I laminated a few and gave 1 to Auntie. Then she'll remember our family :) Oh and I forgot to ask them to remove the wording "Baby Shower". Full month is not equivalent to Baby Shower. Misconception among lots of Singaporeans...

We ordered 2 different varieties.
This is with chocolate cake.
Lesson learnt from XY's time: MUST order additional items, else the box would have an empty slot which will be filled with the confectionery's leaflet.

Close up - looks quite presentable.

This is the other variety - with marble cake.

Close up view.

Ok this is totally irrelevant but I thought it's cute - Dad doing the dishes in the kitchen while the daughter goes under the dining table doing pretend-play :D


Joanne said...

Congrats on your newborn bb boy!
Do you mind sharing with me your CL's contact?
Thank you.

pinkdewy said...

Hi Joanna, do u mind leave me your contact or email?

Joanne said...

My email is
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you very much!