Sunday, March 30, 2008

Still Photo Spamming...muahahaha...

Have you notice that the windows is very stupidly designed?
Why there is a piece at the right corner cannot be opened?

If you scroll down and view at the Master Bedroom, you will notice, so damn stupid.
By making a windows cannot be open, wtf...

This area suppose to be the TV console, but i dont like it, so i have switch my TV area to opposite side, however, we have to extend the powerpoint and RF cable to the other side.

Nothing cannot be done, just pay money lor.

There, opposite side, sorry did not manage to take full length, but is good enough, cause i believe you can imagine la hor... :P

There is only one powerpoint which is not enough la, cause there is a lot of electrical devices right below the TV.

On the right is the windows.

This is the viewing angle from Kitchen, can visualize the TV area already?

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