Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photo Spamming again... LOL


Angle from Bedroom 2 / 3, pretty far ha, if cannot see cleary, scroll down for close up view. keke
Humm, may be you might want to consider to get yourself a spec.?

Lol, too close already, the entrance view is blocked.

Directly just below the windows, will be the washing basin, very beginning was thinking to put the stove near the windows.
Why? It is because when you are cooking, the smokes will dismiss from the windows, at the same time, saving cost for Hood.

However, a bit weird la, and moreover, wifey also dont like this idea.

Yup, you are absolutely correct, on the right, will be the fridge and the built-in cabinet for the stove. If you still remember, i have uploaded the proposal idea just right below this thread.
Got it...?

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