Sunday, October 12, 2008

9th Anniversary @ The Line

Getting lazy to blog nowadays so will be posting a lot of outdated entries.

Me wanted to go Rochester (yeah again!) but Hubs had this enormous craving for oysters that when we reached the entrance of Rochester Park, he detoured and moved on to Orange Grove Road.
Rare occasion that he doesn't complain about fuel wastage!

We had the outdoor table as no reservations made prior.
I kinda prefer the outdoor table instead of the airconditioned area.

Hubs reading my co. newsletter.
My boss is featured in it.
(Far right: Uncle + Auntie team. Very heavy seafood eater. They even ta bao-ed back a lot of cookies and fruits. Uncle not in pic as he went to get more seafood.)

Bad habit of 自拍 before start eating.

His first serving. Really uncle leh wear that gold bracelet.

Here's mine

The station we love best. Really fresh and kept getting replenished.
The main thing why we were here.

Freshly cooked pasta - according to your choice.
Qty, pasta type, sauce, condiments.
This is one of the things other buffets lack of.

More of 自恋

Me at the chocolate fountain.
Melt (Oriental) has a much better selection of fruits for this.
They even have 2 fountains!
Chocolate and Toffee.
*Note the fat arm*

Chocolate fountain where got enough?
I need my ice cream too.

Super random pic in a super random angle

Not sure how the waiter took this pic but we looked as if we were in some kind of dark forest.

Me posing at the high table.
Damn hard ok. My shirt very tight at tummy area.

Presenting: Uncle Keith.
Damn uncle right? Even Hubs agreed and got scared.

Getting ready to leave but I wanted more memories since I dunno when is the next time we will be back.

Finally... a bright and clear pic of us but angle very unnatural.

Don't ask me why I post this blur pic. Besides the "blurness", it's the best of the lot already.

That's not all.
I even managed to persuade the waiter to let me Da Bao 2 Macaroons home.
They were really nice (for buffet standard).
Hey, at least I DB 光明正大, not like the auntie ok.

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