Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our wedding pics by One Eye Click (Part 1)

After some waiting, we finally got the DVD from Terry.
Here are some of our (mine actually) favourite shots:

My short wedding dress by Dennes (D'sire)

Satin buttons - Dennes' trademark

For my girls

May, the MUA doing my hair

View from outside the room
NOTE: The kiddy stickers by my bro

Putting on the veil

Mummy and Daddy pull over the veil

My girls with the furry wand

Waiting patiently

The baddies!

The ingredients

Girls at work

My hubby is here!

Sis is not going to let him in easily

Haha my girls enjoying themselves

The bros having a "feast"

Snatching the key

Here he is, finally

My darling Bro pretends to kiss me

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