Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miss Flipper

I'm so proud my little Princess able to flip at age of 3 months and at 4 months and a few days, she's actually able to have her arms and neck supporting her body.

However, this is not so desirable cuz she tends to do this every time she's placed on a flat surface. Yes, this includes her nap time and bedtime. This has been happening since last week. We put her to bed, her eyes droopy and almost closed, we left the room, only to be called back a few mins later by her cries. She flipped while almost falling asleep and later on calling for help to be turned back. She repeats this for at least 4-5 times before really falling asleep. I'm contemplating should we put her in her bouncer till she's almost knocked out then put her in her cot. Just worried if it'll trigger a bad habit and also then her bed time will be delayed by 30min or more.

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summer94410 said...

Your little girl is sooooooooooooo precious!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful little baby :)