Sunday, December 13, 2009

Second hand goodies

Was browsing through the Singapore Motherhood forum some time back and saw a mummy selling stuff her kids had outgrown so we went ahead to buy the Bumbo seat and a Fisher Price bouncer for Bean. We were not prepared to pay full price for stuff like these which Bean will probably outgrow within the next few months so buying preloved stuff is an option for us. $70 for both items :)

The seller was a nice lady and goods were in good condition. Anyway I machine washed the FP bouncer cloth the minute we got home and I also rinsed the Bumbo seat and "Dettoled" it and the frame of the FP bouncer (Actually I don't know how to spell Dettol and had to go to the bathroom to look at the label on the bottle *LOL*).

Bean in her extreme good mood on bouncer.
We didn't attach the bar with the lights and music since she wasn't really interested the first time we on it for her.

Looking at Mummy.

Watching TV.

She's beginning to like her Bumbo.
Had wanted to get the Bumbo tray for her but it costs a whopping $24.90. No deal!

As usual blur look.
* Notice: Less frown lines *

Neck still too soft to sit.
Daddy forbids me to put her in yet... but I do it when he's not in.. hehe.

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