Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mini vacation at KKH

The school sent her to KKH by ambulance. Scared the shit out of me and K!!! The hospital stay concluded without any findings of the cause. Question is should we leave it as it is or go for more checks? Here's the little girl waiting to be wheeled up to ward 62. Still in deep sleep after reaching ward. Complimentary ride provided by the wards. These are hot favourites. All the kids wanna have a ride on it. Oh and of course she had many rides on this too. She now knows how to insert the coin by herself. K is spoiling her too much. 4 rides 1 of the days!! The morning after, another ride eventhough she did not request for it. Does she look like a patient? Gosh, should have worn ward "uniform" for her.
See this video. She was pushing the car around before I reached and when she heard my voice she immediately ran to mummy! *love*
The ultimate terrorist - on drip still can cheeky. Disgrace to be seen by the other patients and their family in the same room.


Anonymous said...


Found your site while searching for a Banana Taipei Bag... just wondering: How long did you wait for yours to arrive and is it worth the wait ?


Keira :)

pinkdewy said...

Hi actually i ordered via a local re-seller. Waited over 2 or 3 weeks i think.

Anonymous said...

My goodness! What happened to her? I hope she's okay now.

pinkdewy said...

Thanks she's fine now. Follow up in Aug.