Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beanster family outing April 2011

Yeah it's the 1st PH since I start work. Long weekend! Ok I only worked for 3 weeks which 1 week was off due to XY's hospitalisation. We decided to visit my mum at Bishan since it was 2 days before her 2nd death anniversary.

Our princess in her throne as usual :)

Daughter and daddy in the front seats. I'm just a passenger these days eversince XY realised it's more fun to be in the front seat.

A white rose for my pretty mummy :)

Lunch at a Japanese family restaurant.

XY's 1st kiddy bento. She had this instead of sharing food with me. Quite a cute idea but we had to finish up the omelette and tori karaage since she's such a small eater.

Mama's food. Portion not big but definitely enough to share with little XY.

Boring old man had boring old food...

Grown up little girl doesn't want to be strapped to babychair anymore... No choice her daddy was forced to sit in the opposite chair.

Which meant a new playground for her...

Phew lunch was over and time for her nap while we had a chance to shop around a bit.

This is actually the 1st time ever the family went out early to optimise the PH. Quite a good idea cuz we were back home in time to make dinner. Maybe we should do this again the next PH :))

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