Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day after May Day

After the Good Friday trial, we decided to try again head out early instead of our usual after-her-nap-timing. Good point is we had more time to shop around. Not really a bad point but it sure was a tiring day out chasing after the little, not to mention it took her over 1hr to fall asleep in the pram.

There we were at ION B4 (spacious, spacious, spacious!!) after pushing her around for 20 or 30min and yet she still refused to sleep. And she decided it was fun to push the pram and so she did!

That hour and a half flew by too quickly. We had a quick teh at Paragon Ah-Mei (quite good) and shopped around a bit more and then she was suddenly awake. Ok at some point of time we had to acknowledge the "awakening" of 小霸王. *LOL*

We were at DFS cuz I wanted to show K a watch I like and that place immediately became the playground of Miss霸王. Good right? To prevent her from roaming at free-will (very embarassing and irritating), K came up with a "clever" idea - let her stand on pram feet rest.

She did enjoy it very much.

Damn enjoy. Also good for me cuz there comes a storage space for my shopping bags haha.

Standalone also very happy!

By late afternoon the family was back home and we had a our dinner at home and evening playground rounds resumed.

The kampung girl in her $7 slippers. The only comment I have is: You pay for what you get. Next comment: See Kai Run shoes - worth every penny!

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