Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

No big celebration. Just a normal family outing...
K said let me choose what to eat but he's looking at 鼎泰丰 so what can I say right? Just go for 小笼包 to make everyone happy lor.

Super challenging to eat with the girl as usual. So far I try not to bring her to dine with friends. I think only Jeanne knows what she is capable of doing, only that it got worse each time. See that cup of water she's holding on to? She managed to sip finish almost the whole cup of water just to prove to me that home-brought water taste yucky while tap water tastes good.

It's my day. I get to take pictures with my darling!

Clap clap for HWK the camera idiot who managed to capture top view down shot. He should really practise more...

We walked all the way from Raffles City to Marina Square which is (as you already know!!) very very challenging. Carrying doesn't work. She'll just struggle her way and we have to let her down. K thought of a marvellous plan which he just had to sacrifice himself - piggy-shoulder her. Um it's piggy-neck or piggy-shoulder you decide. Of course it worked. She loved it!

Of course when we reached the shop I wanna go to at Millenia Walk she made a whole lot of nonsense actions and K had to bring her out of the shop while she decided to sit/lie down on the floor. It's amazing how we still bring her out these days.

On the way back, I requested for K to buy a box of Royce's choc. I decided to make it a staple in my freezer. Tried the seasonal banana flavour this time round.

While we were choosing and paying for the choc, XY was fooling around and ended up with lying down on the floor right outside the shop. Max max max untolerable. I tried picking her up but she just struggled harder and harder. Even the staff at the choc shop laughed at her. Passers-by too. Why why why didn't I take a video of the nonsense? Then I'll play it on her wedding day!

Oh and the doting daddy bought his darling a new pair of shoes. 50% off must buy! It's funny that it's my day and she got a present...

Well, I do have a nice present afterall :)
K told me there was something or some paper in XY's school bag which I thought must be some announcement letter from the school. Upon checking then I realised what my little girl has been doing in school that day - making mother's day card and flower for me. I am soooo touched. I showed them to XY and asked her who made those and she just gave me a gentle smile. Really, what could be a better present than a handmade card from your loved ones?

The teachers must be writing the same wordings till hands tired. See the handwriting so anyhow.

Hopefully next year my darling is able to wish me verbally "Happy Mother's Day". Yeah still can't talk at 21 months.

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