Monday, October 29, 2012

Precious moments

Firstly, very sorry that my pics are jumbled up and not according to sequence. Somehow I forgotten which should come first.

These are the scenes of how my elder is accepting her younger sibling. I cannot help but to tear a little. It is very amazing when it happened right before my eyes. No sense of jealousy, no throwing of tantrums, no badmouthing of her younger brother. Well done my little girl. No one can ever replace the place of her in my heart. With the addition of the little one, it just makes my heart grow bigger to accomodate another lovely child.

The first few days. She let didi use her toddler bed and revert back to her cot. How sweet is that!


She learns to show affection for her younger brother.
One of those days she stayed at home with us. Quite chaotic but nothing I can't handle.

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