Monday, October 29, 2012

1st shopping trip with 宇轩 at 2months+

It's hard. It's tiring. But I finally plucked up enough courage to leave the house. Went to Plaza Singapura for lunch and some shopping. That was the day I realised the nursing facilities in that mall sucks big time. Perhaps I am too used to Orchard Road mall style. Private, clean, well-maintained, stylish nursing rooms with comfortable seats, hot water dispenser, ergonomic diaper changing area. The best ones (in my humble opinion) are at Taka, Paragon and Isetan. Hands down hands down. It's a stretch to call that 1 and only miserable small room in the whole of the mall a "nursing room". Needless to say eversince the last visit in May, I haven't been back at all. 

Some buys from Mothercare. He still refused the pacifiers.

Pampers on offer 3 for $36 I think

1 of my favourite shops these days: Daiso

He doesn't like to sleep in the cot

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