Friday, September 5, 2008

Girls' Night In

My girls decided to have a big discussion on how to make my husband's life difficult on Sat morning's 迎亲.
I tried my best to be a good hostess. I really did.
As I wasn't working on Thurs, I planned on making some finger food for the girls since they were coming after work.
But turned out???
Barley drink failed - Left the barley and winter melon in the pot instead of scooping them out and they "sucked in" most of the barley water. Clever Y managed to squeeze out 2 precious cups of barley drink (I had prepared more than 8 cups initially!).
Mid-joint wings - I still don't fully understand the character of my oven well enough.
Time took to bake 1 batch of wings took almost 2 hrs?
By the time the 2nd batch was out R and me were the only ones who still had the hots for them :P
Can someone pls teach me the correct function to use for baking meat items?
My sandwiches were the least disastrous. But then again, what could have gone wrong with sandwich making?

Open-faced sandwiches. Cheese & ham and scrambled egg.
I used cookie cutters from Daiso.

Y put them to bake for a short while.

Tasted better after baked. Notice the top left heart - Cheese "pong-ed".

Last pce no one wanted it. Just nice Hubs came back after the girls left and he got to eat it :)

Shy pic of the wings.

They were rather well marinated (7hrs) but my bake ware not the non-stick kind so the chicken skin teared during the flipping process.
Thanks to Y for helping with the wings and the Royce choc.
Also thanks to D for getting the sliced cheese.

I'm gonna make sure I do a better job next time round.

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Gonza40 said...

Its such a good idea to use the cookie cutters for the cute sandwich shapes! =)