Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thank you all for celebrating with us!

It's a day after our wedding and we would like to thank all our friends and relatives for your presence.
Special special thanks to our Bros and Sis for sacrificing your beauty sleep and helping out on our special day.

We've got some nice gifts from friends and family.

Champagne flute from D. I *heart heart* it.

Lovely tulip champagne glass with champagne from Y.
Just nice my 4 girls can toast with them.

From Jeanne and Ian. How nice and matchy with above 2 gifts!

Chilling in the fridge now.

From the cousins. Cutlery set and wine glass.
Haha, I wonder how on earth did they learn about our love for 18/10 ware?
Since we already have our cutlery, we decided to give the set to Mummy if they manage to get their ideal unit soon.

Wine glass. Great to have although we seldom drink.
D will be very happy when she comes by. Lots of wine ware to choose from. She's such a alcoholic.

Mummy's good friend Auntie Margarete and company got me this nice tea set.
See, just nice 5 pcs set. Just nice for me and my girls. Oops... forgot about my husband.
Nvm la he never liked tea and cakes anyway *whistle*


Dainty card from R. Really like the embroided flowers.

Our wedding favour. Moist chocolate cake with chocolate coating.
We missed to give out to the guests who left early as there were left refrigerated.

Ok I will admit that we are not so creative to come up with such meaningful phrases.
We just got the same wording from the display pce in the shop.

Our AD shots taken by Terry Ng of One Eye Click.
Will upload soon after we get them.
Hope they turn out nice :)

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