Monday, September 15, 2008

What have I been cooking recently?

Lack of updates recently due to limited internet access.
I haven’t stopped taking pics of my cooking yet :)

01) Brunch on 08/09
I love doing 1 dish meals. Simple, fuss-free and best of all, less dishes to do!
I will name this dish Oriental Fried Rice.
Ingredients used: chinese mushrooms, eggs, wolf berries, topped with crispy pork floss.
Rice is a little soggy as I poured too much miso stock in.
I learnt that using leftover rice for fried rice is better as the rice is more grainy and separates easily. I guess you could also try cooking the rice with less water if you forgot to cook extra rice the night before (like me!).

02) Dinner on 09/09
Spaghetti aglio olio.
I decided to create my own version by adding whatever I like :)
We had black pepper ham, asparagus, Chinese mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.
I’m using the newly bought olive oil and this is the first time I’m using so much oil in my cooking.

03) Dinner on 11/09
Noodle soup. As mentioned previously, I love 1 dish meals for the simplicity and time-saving factor.
However, to boil stock for the noodles, it took about 1hr 10min.
I used 3 stalks celery, 2 carrots, 8 pcs Chinese mushrooms, 1 garlic, 1 corn on the cob and 6 prawn heads, some cherry tomatoes and half a handful of wolfberries.
Chicken slices and prawns were added after discarding the celery, carrot, garlic and prawn head.
The results exceeded my expectations by a lot. I’m so proud of my own creation that I had to text Mummy immediately.
Colour of the soup is a little too dark as I poured too much dark soy sauce but taste wise was not overwhelmingly salty.
Still had a small bowl of stock leftover over which I used for the next day’s cooking.
Flat noodles from Daiso. Hidden under the ingredients.

04) Dinner on 12/09
My darling bro came over for dinner. Have not seen him for abt a week. Super miss him!
Sorry ah didi, che only can cook simple fare but I promise to cook something better the next you come.

Act Ang Mo - Broccoli and ham in cream sauce.

Hubs and didi like the sauce. This is such an easy dish. Just pour cream in and fry. It’s that easy. But very sinful. Imagine a whole 200ml of cream inside. This broccoli is really ang mo leh.
Cost me a little over 2 times of what I normally paid in Fairprice. Cost for this dish abt $9.
Very expensive for the normally niao me.

Tofu Cheena - Soft beancurd with mushrooms and chicken.

Stock was leftover from previous night.

Bd cake for bro who turned 15 on 13/09.

Nice packaging they have.

Didi likes the cake.

Young man now. He deserves his first toast!

Alamak! Boy don't know how to appreciate sparkling wine yet.
He thought it's the sweet fruity kind we used to drink.
No prob man Che finished it up for him.

05) Tunch on 12/09
I think that’s the correct term for late lunch cum tea?
Used whatever was available in the fridge, meatless.
Well just simple fried kway teow. No pics taken but I found it quite good myself.

Note: Whole week’s meal consists of chinese mushrooms.
We have a 400g pack of dried mushrooms in our fridge currently and I’m desperately trying to finish them up.

We've also over 10 oranges in the fridge and I've been having OD of OJ.

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