Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 10: Hong Kong - Lantau Island, Central & The Peak

Slept very well that night.
Of course la such a nice room.

Nice lift area considering this is a 3 star hotel.

Front view.
Hotel is located right inside the street so locating it for the first time was a little tough.

First meal of the day: Wanton noodles.
HKD12 per portion. I think there were 4 huge wantons in the bowl.
Very different from our local served ones.
Crystal Jade aka HK style.

Taken outside the noodle shop.
Btw, the shopkeeper was very nice and helpful when we asked for directions.

Taking the MTR towards Central.

After walking quite a long distance, we finally saw the signage to the pier.

We were on our way to Lantau Island.

Ha just nice saw the timetable for Macau so took it.

Saw a wi-fi sign while waiting for the ferry.
Just to show the ppl whom I MSN-ed/emailed with in Tokyo, this is the pathetic gadget I was using.
Screen and keyboard damn small.

Finally on our way to Lantau Island.
I suddenly remembered I had not kissed my husband for a long time.
Hope I didn't make anyone onboard seasick with my funny actions.

Views of HK Island.

We moved to the middle back seat when the sun was too strong.
I managed to catch a nap during the journey.
Journey was about 1hr. Quite slow.
Felt a little nostalgic. Reminded me of taking the ferry to Sentosa when we were young.

First thing is to grab a drink at 7-11 upon reaching Mui Wo.
Congrats me. Look so fat in this pic. Haha.

Found the bus service to go up to Lantau Island to see big buddha. I think it's HKD17+ per pax.
5 seats per row.
First time I'd seen this layout.

Bus ride was very bumpy and looong.
Another 1hr journey.
All to see the famed big buddha.

Zoomed in from the bottom of the steps.

We went panting while climbing up the steps.
So unfit lor. I heard someone counting the steps.
About 160+ if I remembered correctly.

Reached the top and took some pics of the other buddha statues.
There were some retails shops selling statues and crystals kinda stuff and blessed by the priests. Hubs bought a crystal bracelet for his mum which turned out to be oversized for her.

We walked over to the temple at the other side but I'm not posting pics of the buddha (again!) taken by Hubs.
Pose with flowers nicer right?

Arh.. besides those prepaid ticket for vegetarian meal, they also have a small shop selling vegetarian food.
Remember those HK drama where the older generation always say go to Lantau Island for vegetarian meal?
I feel like one of them already. Haha.

We ordered some to share.
Overall I don't think it's very nice.
The sweet beancurd had a mild ginger juice in there.
I couldn't take ginger smell so Hubs had to finish it.

Another 45min bus journey and 30 or 45min ferry journey and we were back in HK Island.
Don't ask me why the bus journey is faster downhill.
Ferry is express so we saved about half the time.
Ferry ticket only a few HKD more but much faster.
I found out from Clarice that we could also take the cable car up instead of ferry/bus much later.
Next stop, some shopping at Central.
I was trying to locate H&M at Queen's Road Central.

Spotted a huge Coach store before we even found H&M.
Finally found it but in all the excitement, forgot to snap the building pic.
Anyway it was too crowded and messy so I only managed to buy one skirt.
Had been to the store in Paris but nothing for me either.

Next stop is Lan Kwai Fong.

Most of the pubs are packed with expats and their companions and since we don't really drink,
we settled for dinner at one of the fast food shops.

Kinda expensive for the quantity and quality of food.

Last stop for the day.
We took a short stroll to The Peak Tram.

The ride up was quite exciting.
Can see night views of the city and the journey up was so steep.

Someone couldn't resist hugging a fakie!!

Nor posing with a waxie.

Oops... me included. But I look crap.

Only managed to capture about one nice shot since my lousy cam couldn't take night shots.

The small shopping gallery.

Back down again. Downslope.
Some advice given by forummers: take the bus ride down can see more things.

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