Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 11: Hong Kong > Mong Kok

Supposed to be a happy day for shopping but why is this guy wearing a GROUCHY face?
Tell him tie the new hankie only ma.
Ok la don't like just tie for pic taking then take off later lor.

At a 茶餐厅 at Mong Kok.
Very happy without the hankie right?

Nice food at this 茶餐厅.

Chanced upon a small shop selling herbal tea.
I saw a cute gummy in 琵琶膏flavour.
Spam buy about 10 packs back to sg. Hehe...

This is totally pointless but I just wanted a pic taken in front of Sephora.

许留山 for dessert.
The mango sago lose big time to 味香园at chinatown.
Papaya & fungus soup with radish cake set is a fleece for money.
We would have gotten a bigger portion of the radish cake if we ordered singles and paid the same amount!
The radish cake by the way was GREAT!

Too much human traffic and this was the only decent shot we could get outside the shop.

A 麻将管we passed by.
Looked very interesting but we had no guts to go in for a look.
Prob will be scolded by the ppl inside.

I was so fascinated by this road sign.
I kept insisting this is 南哥's territoty but Hubs insisted that it should be 铜锣湾.
We spent at least 3min debating on this subject at the road sign!

Passed by the infamous Langham Place.
Not attracted to big malls like this.
We only went for toilet break here.

Dinner was at a small noodle shop.
I had the 招牌面. Quite good.

Me acting hiao (again) with my new hankie.
By the way did I look overdressed with the white poncho?
This rude sales girl at one of the small shoe shops kept asking me if I were feeling cold and she said it in a sarcastic and amused tone.
I just left the shop without buying anything.

Hauls for the day:
Pink polka dot shirt with stripey skinny tie for my darling bro.
Too bad the shirt is too small for him so it's for Hubs now (also a little tight).
Bought both at Argyle Centre. Super cheap!!!
About HKD30 for the shirt. Tie for HKD20 if my memory didn't fail me.

Some cheap tops at Esprit factory outlet.

DHC masks. Forgotton the price but inexpensive.
Strange I didn't see any DHC shops in Tokyo.

2009 planner.
I love it that it has a zipper compartment for me to put receipts and small notes.
I saw the usual one I always buy from Kino but the zipper is such a good idea for messy me.

Cute umbrella from Argyle Centre.
HKD50 or 60.
Only the pink handle is nice.
I can't find any with lace trimmings like jap style.

Oh and this guy went to buy this useless book in Mandarin some more.
White elephant in the study room now.
(Pic taken when back in sg)

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