Monday, December 1, 2008

Day 9: Tokyo > Hong Kong

Checked out of Sakura and proceed to Ikebukuro station.
This was the final morning in Tokyo, thereafter we continue our travel to HK.

Special ciggie flavour that someone regretted only buying 1 pack.
Till now still keeping in drawer cannot bear to open ok.
Even came with foc lighter.

My final purchase of hanky at Tobu (right next to train station).

Grainy pic taken in train towards Nippori station.
Yes the big BIC Camera paper bag contains the train set.

At Nippori station waiting for Keisei Limited Express towards Narita airport.

Ticket only costs us 1000yen each.
NEX costs over 3 times this amount!!!
Thanks to Sakura for giving us additional option :)

The train arrives.
Goodbye Tokyo :(

I thought of some ways to use my new hanky.
Doesn't go very well so I dumped the idea.
Grainy pic again.

I tried tying it around the neck.
Seems ok I think?

Uncle K sitting opposite me manning 2 suitcases haha.
Limited Express does not have luggage compartment like NEX.

Oops... at this point Hubs pointed out that 1 side of my earrings was missing.
Damn. Must have lost it the night before or early that morning.

Reached Narita airport.
If I didn't remember wrongly, the journey was about the same time as NEX took.
Our conclusion is to take NEX to the city (with the Suica pass) and Limited Express back to airport.

CX549 cancelled!!!

Should have done more last min shopping in Ikebukuro.
We had almost 4hrs to kill!

Well organised airport structure.

Check-in all luggages, on hands-free mode.

Lunch at the airport restaurant.
Me ordering.

Why is this guy using a "forced" smile when he received a nice present from his wife?

Burberry's hanky leh.
Ok la not that expensive. 1050yen.

My yummy lunch. Cold soba with fresh wasabi.
Really really yummy.
Never had cold soba in sg before but I don't think I wanna have it after eating this.

Hub's curry udon. Or is it soba?
Can't remember.
Tasted like Maggi curry flavour.
Is that where Maggi got the flavour from?
Anyway I don't like them both.

Wasabi grater.

It smelt pungent lor.

Yakitori. Also nice.
Our most expensive meal in the whole trip since we had quite a lot of yen leftover.
Probably about 2000yen for everything.

Loitering around the airport after lunch since we had soooo much time to kill.

A visit to Mc Donald's to end the trip.
They were having a new dessert - Cinnamon Melt.
Had to wait 10min for it.

Tasted quite good.
About 200+yen I think.

We went for a final breath of the nice weather before going in the gates.
Pardon the super act cute pose.

The Airport Limousine that the cotters kept praising how good it is.
Quite expensive I think. About 3000-4000yen.

Great. A display showcase to educate ppl to differentiate between the genuine and replicas.

I spot my favourite shop again!

No.1!!! My baggie is No.1 top seller!

Posing in front of the plane we were about to board.

Guess who we met there? Huang Jing Guan!!! Tall and charming.
His Mrs was with him. They were so sweet together.
He looked kinda grouchy so we didn't dare to joke about the HJG joke with him.
Hubs so wanted to say about the San Nian Le You San Nian thingy.
* pardon the hanyu pinyin. no chinese software installed *

Ya of course he couldn't go for too long without his nicotine fix.
Good-skilled me captured this "good" shot.

Finally time to board the plane.

Tin candy from sweets shop in the airport.
Love the cheery panda.

Meal time.
Um... quite yucky... both sets.

While waiting for airport express to the city, I saw this billboard which *ahem* Ah Teo sure like one lor.

Me tired by this time.

Interior of airport express is damn posh lor.

Sitting so posh seat and scratching chin.
So unglam la, uncle.

Checked-in to Largos hotel in Kowloon.
First view upon entering the guest room.
A mini living room with LCD TV.
Well, we've got a free upgrade for 3 nights (honeymooners).

2 seater sofa to lounge on.

The TV which I thought we would not watch.

The short hallway leading to the study/dining table and bedroom.

That study/dining table.

Room door. Ok it was opened but I closed it for shooting.

2 separate basins in the bathroom.
No need to share.

Bathtub big enough for 2.
Too bad we didn't use it.
Water pressure was very good.

The king sized bed.

LCD TV wall mounted.
Closet on the right hand side.

Big mirror behind the bed.
It really felt like home to us :)

Looking out of the room.

Overview of the living room area.

Haha view from the bathroom.

Settled down and time for dinner/supper.
Meal onboard doesn't count.
Finally spotted a decent Cha Can Tang.
Too hungry to search any further so we quickly went in.
Our HK bad service experience started from that moment onwards.
Hubs sitting inside while I busy taking pics outside.

Food was ok only.
Maybe I ordered the wrong things?
As I had said earlier, bad service.
The staff seemed used to throw everything around.
Including our change.

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