Sunday, November 30, 2008

AJ introduces new dishes

Grilled honey glazed wings for that Ah Teo.
Marinated with oyster sauce.
Tasted quite good but created some jokes at Canele.
Want to know, pls ask Ah Teo yourself.

Aglio Olio with cod in cream sauce.
I think the pasta is passable but I overcooked the fish.
A bit wasted.

Chicken curry served with rice.
I actually used the Woh Hup premixed sauce.
Very easy to cook this. Just add meat, potato, tomato and coconut milk.
I reduced the recommended coconut milk amount by 30%.

Above are some of the dishes I did this week.
Oh and I hate those ppl who keeps emphasising to me they like to use FRESH ingredients blah blah.
If you are so good, no need to emphasis every time right?
Scared ppl dunno?

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