Sunday, September 20, 2009

Food for my gal

I dedicate this post to Mummy Dearest.

Mum, if you are able to see now, you will be so so proud of your gal.
Your granddaughter is coming 8 weeks now and she's still on TBM.
FM, yes she taken the first 3-4weeks but eversince my supply came in, there was no need to supplement FM at all.
She is latching on much better these days and if she fusses a lot, I'll just give her EBM.
Like you often encouraged me, BM is the best gift a mother could have given to her child.
I fully agree wth you! And I simply love the closeness with 湘颖when I'm nursing her.
Not to forget how convenient night feeding has become. No bottles, no heating required.
Just pop her over to my side and nurse.
There was even few times we both fell asleep while she was suckling halfway.

On left: NAN HA (which we had to discard after opening 4weeks but not fully consumed)
On right: My EBM *beams*

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