Friday, September 18, 2009

So that Mummy can see your naughty face anytime

Wallpaper on my Pixon.


Joyful Bliss said...

Had found ur blog link from cozycot.This wallpaper of ur newborn is cute and nice..

Oh yeah u are at Atrina,I'm at Coris quite near to ur area!!!

pinkdewy said...

Hello neighbour :) Thanks for popping by my blog. Yeah I know Coris. Bestie has a unit there.

Joyful Bliss said...

No problem..
Perhaps next time my daughter can befriend yours since they are just both Jul babies!!!*smile*

Hmm,can I link u to my blog?
At the same time,u might wanna link me too at

pinkdewy said...

Hi Sherryl, we have the same cheeky bonbon breastfeeding support, avent bottle and mothercare romper! Sure pls feel free to link me but I did not include the option in my blog so I don't link up to anyone at the moment. Can add me to your msn?