Saturday, September 26, 2009

湘颖's first injection and health assessment

Not wanting to pay the extra $ and do much travelling, hubby and I decided to bring our little Darling to the clinic at our housing estate.
There are 2 doctors stationed at the clinic and we decided to go to Dr Eileen Tan.
She's the doc who tested me positive and did blood test for me and Keith.
Very nice doc. Very personal touch.
We opted to do a health assessment ($18) and take the 6 in 1 vaccination ($99/dose, total 3 doses).
Vaccine for Pneumococcal ($168/dose, total 4 doses) and Rotavirus (forgotten the price) we might not do.
They are really costly and I think since those are optional, then not a MUST to take it.
Below video of Darling being poked by Dr Tan.

Weight at 8 weeks: 4kg
Height at 8 weeks: 51.5cm (although I measured like 54cm at home)

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