Sunday, July 20, 2008

Animal-ly weekend

Were at Hub's friend's beautiful home for BBQ on Sat.

Cutie snail by the poolside

Weather was bad and we had to adjourn upstairs for shelter.
The remaining food was baked or steamed.
I had a whole crab to myself.
It's the loveliest and sweetest crab I've ever eaten! Very yummy and fresh.

We also got a chance to play with their 3 friendly Huskies.

That's me and Nana first time meeting but she's so nice to me!

Almost fell asleep beside her

See. Nana doesn't like Hubs.
He tells me everytime he goes over, Nana plays with him but I don't see it leh.

In N & R's room.
I thought Nana came to look for me... but she came for the FAN!!!

Didn't get to know the other two dogs. Hope got chance go over soon.

N's other special pet.
Hehe... don't know the name.

The night didn't end here but I was too sleepy so Hubs sent me home first then went back for MJ session.
Thanks Nigel and Rachel for the food, fun and lovely time at your place :)

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