Monday, July 14, 2008

New place to swim

Getting fat... flabby... running out of excuses NOT to exercise...
Starting out by some light swimming.

Hope you don't get bored with all these pics :)

The party of swimmers

All got props one

Me and D. We just love each other :D

Me draining the pool of water. Funny facial expression
("Uncle" Alson in the background)

Hubs quite good hor.
He's the only one who managed to capture this action.
Hm... could be also due to my good "plonking" stunt la.

This auntie want to act cute. Play child's toy

D had to leave early. I accompanied her to bath.
Came back... saw a funny sight...

Uncle having fun with 妹子
One 12 year old. One 10 year old.
He tried to bluff them he 16 year old. *roll eyes*

Uncle be the Monkey

No fun to play with him la.
He always get the ball! Me and D fed-up to play with him.

Super hungry after that.
Dinner was at Serangoon Gardens. A super old western place.

My steak. $13.80 set dinner

Hub's "scary" chicken. $16.80 set dinner

* Thanks to Alson for showing us your nice home and bringing us to the nice pool.
How nice. Just 5min drive away from our new home.

Pics courtesy of Alson. On my cam of course :)

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