Sunday, July 6, 2008

Over the weekend

Fri -
D & I popped over to SK after work.
I had nothing decent to serve her.
Attempted to bake corn on the cob but turned out the corn not sweet.
We shared instant noodles and powdered corn soup. Damn unhealthy!
The most decent thing I can think of is this peppered crackers topped with tuna.
Very yummy.

Hubs came later and pasted some felt thingy at the base of the dining chairs to reduce the screeching sound.
It worked really good.

Electrician came by to shift the lighting point.
Now nearer to aircon and away from the bed.

The carpenter finally helped shift the bedside tables to be level with height of mattress.

Grouting for mosiac tiles done.

Cabinet under sink rectified. How pretty!

Aunty Irene's daughter's wedding dinner -

Our table

The other table

Yes, my colleagues are all the aunties and uncles.
Pics are taken to self-entertain. Bride has not reached our table yet.

Went to Siglap with D.
We can't seem to get enough of each other eh? :D

Dinner was at the Yong Tau Foo shop. Quite nice.

Followed by dessert at The Cheesecake Cafe.
Strawberry Oreo CC is damn damn good! As good as ever!
Greedy us ordered extra serving of fries after dessert.
Kinda ex lor. $12.90 for that plate of fries.
Love the interior deco. Think they re-deco a bit since we've last been.

Hehe.. no pics of us. No MU cannot show face la.

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