Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New additions to the home

Our delivery almost complete except for a small coffee table (which R said is delayed due to China flood).

We ended up buying the same dining table as Amy.
Very very exceed budget but no choice this is the prettiest and length just nice for us. 1.35metre.
The nice delivery man who used Turtle Wax to polish the stainless steel legs.

Black glass dining table (FM) + Panton replicas (By R)

My favourite lights (following my mbr hanging light)


Close up. Egyptian crystals.
We got it at a very good price. $240

View of dining table from living room

Another view

Sofa from FM. A 2.1m seater

TV and Home Theatre System up.
I'm beginning to think our full length feature wall (with wallpaper) is a little 费.
Apparently it just looks like a normal wall cuz most ppl are so used to non-full length feature walls.

Hitachi fridge. I love the automatic ice-making function.
Bottom-mount freezer.

My darling Electrolux washer 7kg RPM1000.
First time using washer.
Very suaku. Got excited when using it. Very easy to use.

WINK decal is up.
This husband hor did it while I was napping.
Woke up shocked that he's already half way into it.
A bit um... not what I expected it to be.
Ok la give him some credits. At least he tried to do some work ma.

That "human" fan hubs redeemed from Caltex.
Pls lor. I have never seen someone so proud of a redemption before.
Now even more proud cuz mum and a few random ppl commented it's cute.
Seriously it looks kind of offending to me.
Like a boy using his mouth to blow at you + his "there" also blowing at you.
Get what I mean?

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