Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first Sunday @ Atrina

Yeah!!! Super happy I get to stay over on Sat night.
But hubs can't stay. He gotta fulfill his "filial son duty" early every Sunday morning.
Nvm that. D came over so stay with me.
I really enjoyed her company. Girly talk, gossiping.. All in the comfort of my new home.
Much better than hanging out at noisy/crowded clubs (although she did bring her bottles of alcoholic drinks!).

My first attempt at scrambled eggs for breakfast.
I thought it was quite good for a first try.
Pic credit of D. Her best shot so far :)

We had the youngest visitor over the same morning:
Little Kang Yu. Abt 8 months old.

D said his pants looks oversized in the pic.
Well... think auntie mentality: The next time he gets to wear the pants, he probably fits just nice or might even be too small for him.

Us with Mummy Jasmine carrying her darling son.
KY's daddy took the pic for us.

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