Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another round of purchase for Bean

Yeah for my Capitaland Mall vouchers! Which equals to more stuff for Xiang Ying. I decided to buy the plastic kind of bib for her as she tends to make a big mess whenever I feed her cereal. She does not really know how to swallow it yet but this evening, she showed interest by opening her mouth fast for the spoon. I'm also going to introduce to her the training cup. Combi stuff is costly man and if i were to use my own $ to buy it, I'll probably have to wait for some storewide discount. It's really not me to pay $23.90 for a training cup. Mind you the teat have to be changed every stage. And that little toothbrush to prepare her for brushing her... gums. No pearlie yet la. Only a small bit on lower gums.

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