Friday, January 15, 2010

Good news and bad news

Can see the empty bag? Yes, that's 1 of the bad news. I'm down to my last pack of frozen breastmilk. Meaning - Bean will have to take supplement of 1-2 feeds of formula milk anytime soon. I'm so struggling to keep up with her consumption. Who said demand = supply? Hehe... hubby still adhering to this rule though.

The other bad news is that Bean is waking up more often then usual for midnight feeds. Previously, she was able to last till 5 or 6am from her last feed at 9-10pm. For the past few days however, she wakes up around 130am for an extra feed. That also explains why it is getting harder to keep up for with consumption: she drinks more than I can pump. I actually slept through it and K is the one who wakes up to feed her. I believe Bean is going through a growth spurt right now and needs to up her intake of milk. The problem with her is, we tried to increase the volume per feed but she does not finish it. Rather, she prefers to have smaller and frequent feeds. *Headache* I told hubby she probably wants to act lady; pretend to be small eater but not enough so keep asking for seconds and thirds. Read: 少量多餐. Haha. This might also be an indication that she is ready for solids. We are planning to start her on Saturday. Not a big feed but just a few mouths to let her feel the texture and taste.

Down to the good news - 2 of them. Firstly, Fenugreek worked for me (I think). Been taking it 3 times daily for 16 days now and my supply went from going back to usual volume to increased by up to 100ml per day. Eventhough increased but still not enough for Bean as mentioned earlier of her growth spurts. The next good news is I broke my record by able to yield a total of 820ml BM on good days. My bestest record is being able to pump 265ml for a single session. Seems a lot right but don't happen all the time la. Only ONCE. Since Bean no longer wants to latch, night feeding gets better for me. Daddy can just heat up a bottle and feed her while I continue to sleep uninterrupted. How good is that!

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