Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mr Laughing-stock's daughter: Little Miss Laughing Bean

It all started on Saturday afternoon when we were trying out best to make Bean sleep. Instead of sleeping, she did a sequel to her 一字马number - 朝天瞪. Sorry not very good with Chinese writing but I think you get it? So I was teasing Bean for doing the action and "hitting" her with her bolster and she felt sooooo amused she couldn't stop laughing! K and I were shocked we didn't know how to react. He immediately recorded her laughter on his iphone. Was a good 1min+ before we decided he'd better rush get the videocam. By this time, Bean was tired and the laughter was lesser and not so um.. hysterical. Ok I've tried the whole of tonight but just unable to upload the voice memo no matter which format. Tried photobucket, youtube and blogger. So there, only the video (forgotten which format) on youtube for your viewing pleasure. Let me know if you interested to join Bean in her laughter, I'll gladly email the voice memo file :D

Anyone knows how to upload that file pls let me know. TIA :)

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