Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Oops 1 day late...

One of essential items to begin my new year with.
Weekly planner. Bills, appointments etc. Now even record my honeydew flavour with it. My Ah Lim interested to see?

Am I considered "lucky" or what? Got my menses early morning of the new year!
Hey I thought total breastfeeding will delay it? Hmph!! Almost forgotten how it felt like. The months during pregnancy and 5 months after delivered Bean... Yeah that sucky cramp feeling is back. No escape. Am also suspecting my drop in supply could be due to it so I'm not sitting there and taking a chance. GNC Fenugreek to the rescue! I'm already on multiple supplements daily and Fenugreek is just an additional. Was just joking with hubby last night. 1 bottle Fenugreek can last at least a month, depending on how many I pop each day. Still cheaper than giving formula milk. Haha.. just joking. Breastmilk is still the best. I just have to Tong till end of Jan when Bean hits 6 months and then I'm more willing to supplement with FM. Still not too sure if it's gonna work for me yet.

One of my happy moments - when Bean is napping.
New Pupsik beansprout pillow :)


ferinesok said...

fren,..almost buy that pillow for ur kid,..dunno if itz the same la,.i saw something liddat

pinkdewy said...

Haha I got it from Metro Mothercare. Love love Pupsik stuff :)